Does lavendar make you tired or relieve anxiety for you?

Does lavendar make you tired or relieve anxiety for you?

K101 K101
Just curious if lavendar has any effect on others. I have used it in some skincare products and then had a little pillow thingy filled with lavedar. You could freeze or warm it and apply it to aches or use it to rest better. I don't use it often because the scent is so strong that it gives me a headache.

However, I didn't really ever notice my products containing real lavendar having a noticeable effect on my anxiety or anything. But for the past week, I've been suddenly getting too tired to feel like working during the late night hours when I'm usually my most energetic and either at work, doing school or a variety of other things. These past few days though, I've noticed I'll suddenly be fatigued and even found myself dozing off! I know my sleep has been fine, I've not been lacking more than an hour or two.

I finally realized this sleepyness could be from my deodorant! I shower and apply my deodorant at night before work, and the fatigue has been showing up within the same hour of showering.

The thing is, I recently switched (on Monday, I think?) to a natural spray deodorant! Lavendar is one of the main ingredients (for odor prevention) so I believe my deo is not only making me non-stinky, but tired! It's too bad because I just used it a while ago, and I really was happy with my change from harmful ingredients to something natural! What a bummer.

So I'm curious as to how or if lavendar affects others? Anybody?
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Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
That's interesting, at least you noticed it. I wonder if it's the lavender part of it or any other ingredient in there that may cause your sluggishness.
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