Does your S.O. cook for you?

Does your S.O. cook for you?

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
my hubby rarely cooks mainly because he cant... but he grills for me every so often and I love it.
especially when he grills shrimp and steak.. YUM!
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Beck Beck
I'm spoiled by a hubby who loves to cook. I rarely have to cook.
M.O.'s Girl M.O.'s Girl
We share the cooking duties. But truth be told, he is a much better cook than I am.
Kissy Kissy
My hubby is the better cook. I stay out of the kitchen.
Badass Badass
I generally like to do the cooking, but when I get sick or had a hard day, he will cook for me. It's obvious I am the better cook, but it is the thought that counts.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I do most of the cooking because my boyfriend works really late. But if he wants to cater to me or on weekends hell cook a lot of the time. But if hes home when I start cooking at very least he comes in and will cut all the food for me or peel garlic so we can talk while dinner gets started. We love trying new recipes too so we kind of bond over cooking
Peaches2000 Peaches2000
Originally posted by chantalgiardina
my hubby rarely cooks mainly because he cant... but he grills for me every so often and I love it.
especially when he grills shrimp and steak.. YUM!
My sweetheart has become quite the little chef over the past 12 years. We split the cooking, but I think he would do all of if I asked.
js250 js250
He makes quite a few breakfasts and a few dinners. I love it when he cooks--except for the mess I get to clean up, lol!
Bex1331 Bex1331
he cooks sometimes but we don't have a very big kitchen and he gets frustrated working in such a small area. Once we move into a reasonable sized kitchen he'll cook all the time he loves it.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I do the majority of the cooking, but he does cook on occasion.
Breas Breas
My partner cooks and does it well. I love when he makes our meals. He does an excellent job! The only thing is that when he cooks, the kitchen ends up looking like a nightmare afterwards.
P'Gell P'Gell
My husband cooks a lot. He enjoys it, and often if I'm unwell or just being lazy it's nice to have him do it.

I had NO idea how to cook when I moved in with him. I was raised on TV dinners and stuff from cans and packages, my mother rarely cooked, and when she did, she didn't do it well. My father did, but he often worked in the evenings (he was either taking classes or teaching them when I was young, as I got older, he got a full Professorship and got daytime classes.) When he left, she never cooked at all.

So, I got cookbooks out of the library, watched cooking shows on TV and basically taught myself how to cook. I was clueless about what to do. But, the library is a wonderful resource for things like learning to cook. It taught me! If I don't "know how" to do something, I'll do everything in my power to learn, if it's something worth doing. I think being able to feed yourself and others is a skill anybody can learn.

I'm pretty good at it, too. I hadn't realized, before I moved in with my husband, how rewarding cooking a meal could be.

It's nice when we cook together and each do what we are best at doing. We do this a lot.
married with children married with children
she cooks when she is home. I cook when she is not. in the summer time I do a lot of grilling and smoking outside.
Ms. N Ms. N
My SO is all about vegetables, and I don't care for them at all, so this would never work for us.
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