Dog owners- what breeds of dog(s) do you own? Are you a little fanatic about the breed of your dog(s)?

Dog owners- what breeds of dog(s) do you own? Are you a little fanatic about the breed of your dog(s)?

purpledesert purpledesert
I own a pug. Every time I see another pug I get ridiculously exited. I wouldn't discriminate based on breed when choosing a dog in the future, I just am really in to pugs because my dog at the moment happens to be one. Thoughts?
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js250 js250
I own a Pomeranian. A Shih Tzu. But my Basset Hound died last October....

I love the smaller dogs since the are easier to travel with and do not take up as much space as larger dogs. Of course I am crazy over the breeds of my puppies--but since I love most animals--I am sure it does not really matter about the breed as much as they are my dogs!!!
lainebug lainebug
I am not currently a dog owner. I love lap dogs.
Rossie Rossie
We have a Standard Poodle, because my son is allergic to all other breeds. Although I'm crazy about my pooch, I like a lot of other breeds also.
Voir Voir
Own three golden retrievers c: love the breed wouldn't say i'm fanatic about them though.. I just love my baby heh :p
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I own a chocolate lab, although I think I might be developing an allergy to him

I absolutely hate those little yappy dogs. Most toy dogs are pretty annoying IMO.
KittiezToyz KittiezToyz
Great Dane & Great Dane Dalmation mix.

The mix is competely off her rocker! I would never pick the mix again.

Now the full blood, I love him to death. TOTALLY a Marmaduke type dog. Big and goofy!

I had a Miniature Pincher in the past and wouldn't get another one, she was too high strung.

I'm currently considering a Yorkshire Terrier for a new addition to the family.
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