Has EdenFantasys changed the way you shop?

Has EdenFantasys changed the way you shop?

mistressg mistressg
Since becoming a member of the Eden Community I definitely get lingerie, sex toys/accessories, and many other things offered here more often than before I was a joined. Becomin a reviewer definitely had a big impact on that!
For me, accessibility is a part of it. As is being able to trust the site and read the other members reviews before buying.
Also, pricing and discounts help.

I'm curious...Has Eden changed what you buy, or how you shop? Private voting, but I am interested to hear input in the comments!
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I am a man...
I am a woman...
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I buy more sex toys
I buy fewer sex toys
I buy about the same amount of sex toys
I buy more lingerie
I buy less lingerie
I buy about the same amount of lingerie
It has changed the way I buy other things available on the site...
Other (in case I've missed something)
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- Kira - - Kira -
I buy more of everything than I did before. I think the many options that are available is a big part of the reason. Before Eden, I was limited to what was in the store by my house, which was limited. I would buy something most of the times I went, but at some point I tapped out on their selection and didn't want the cheap stuff they had any more. Now, with all the items to choose from, my collection has been growing. I'm also a little more picky with how strong something is since there is a rating for me to be picky with. Before, I just bought what looked nice and hoped for the best with strength.

My lube selection is another big area that's been impacted. I thought I was doomed to just deal with burning if I wanted lube. Now I have a bunch that don't make me burn to choose from.

Now that the bath products have released, I'm excited to see if Eden will become my new go to place to order body wash as well. There's even a perfume I have my eye on.

The reviews here are the best. They always help me decide if I really want something or just think I do because it looks pretty. Sometimes I still get sucked in by a pretty product, but my buying decisions have gotten a lot wiser with Eden's help.
mistressg mistressg
I forgot to add, one of the big things that makes me buy more products and better products is that I have become enlightened to so much since becoming a member/reviewer. So much information about materials and ingredients, and it seems like I learn something new every week! That is something I am really thankful for. Not only having access to all sorts of products, and having the ability to get them at discounted prices, but being able to shop SMART! And it is wonderful being able to pass the information I gain on to others, to my friends who are new to the world of sex toys and lubricants and all of that, but also to other members in my reviews and on the forums.
Kaltir Kaltir
Before finding Eden I never bought much of anything offered here. I've never seen such a great selection of wonderful products
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
Eden has definitely changed my shopping habits for sex toys, lingerie, and pretty much everything else available on this site!
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