Editing and reviewing for a living?

Editing and reviewing for a living?

Peggi Peggi
I am wondering if anyone here has editing or reviewing jobs in real life (outside of EdenFantasys) where they make money for editing or working with writing reviews (or writing in general) of some sort. Maybe critic work of some sort? Almost a type of quality testing for review.

If so, how would someone go about finding a job like that? I've always loved writing, I love reviewing and editing (and mentoring), and I think I would love to do this as a career!
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Ansley Ansley
It is a lot of fun, isn't it? I believe that editorial positions usually require a four-year English degree, if not a Master's.

Do some googling and see what you come up with.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I get quite a few free products to review on my blog, but those generally don't pay anything, just the product itself.

Demand Studios used to be awesome for freelance writing/editing, but they've turned to crap over the past year.
P'Gell P'Gell
A lot of newspapers and magazines used to have reviews of movies, products etc, and of course lots of editing jobs. With the advent of the internet, there are millions of people willing to review things and even edit for free, and those jobs are fairly hard to find to get paid to do.

Usually a journalism degree is needed, but with newspapers and magazines having smaller and smaller readerships, there are just not a lot of editing jobs.

Book publishers have paid editors, but again, an English advanced degree or a journalism degree is almost always mandatory, and those jobs are very hard to come by.

I wish I had better news for you. The internet is great, but it's pushed jobs like this into the "everybody will do it for free so there's no need to pay anybody to do it" category in most cases.
wildorchid wildorchid
I think 'Stormy is right. You may need an English degree or diploma. However, I was thinking that you may also need/want a journalism degree. If there is a local college or university where you live, try to contact their career office. They will have some resources for you!
P'Gell P'Gell
Usually a journalism degree is needed, but with newspapers and magazines having smaller and smaller readerships, there are just not a lot of editing jobs. Huge websites that review products often have paid editors, but again, lots of people want these jobs (who wouldn't want to get paid to talk about their opinion about stuff?) and even some huge websites have volunteer editors and reviewers.... eh em.....from what I remember about friends who once majored in Journalism, what we're doing here is a GOOD gig in reviewing. We do get paid and we have a lot of freedom and we even get the chance to do editing. I think Eden is one of the best of the bunch, for most writers who don't have a lot of published pieces and pays quite well. Who else pays you in sex toys and lingerie?

Book editing is a highly sought after job, and almost always requires an advanced English degree, Literature Degree or Journalism Degree. If you love it, certainly seek out information from local Universities, but also do some research to see how many jobs there are out there (most are in New York, LA and Chicago and Atlanta, publishing hubs) compared to the number of graduates per year and people already with these degrees. Sadly, I know a number of English majors and Journalism Majors who simply can't find jobs in their field. Why? The Internet. LOTS of free, non-paid literature and reviews.
js250 js250
Try freelancer.com - it is one of the sites that offer free jobs, but there are a very few paid jobs. I do this occasionally and if you are able to take adult jobs, there is a better chance of finding something.
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