Ethics and the expression of opinions.

Ethics and the expression of opinions.

Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
We're all pretty open-minded and honest people here. I love the community and the reivews because people aren't afraid to speak their minds about all sorts of issues. Most of the time no one means to be offensive or harsh in any manner, but simple disagreements can be misconstrued and come off as being harsh.

In reviews we're all told to give our honest opinions on products and not to try to "sell" anything. If it doesn't live up to its claims we should provide details as to why it doesn't in a useful way but not to start flipping tables and punching holes in walls in our review.

Here in the forums we're told not to be judgmental, harsh, offensive, or insulting just like is suggested for reviews. Most of the time this isn't an issue, but it becomes slightly subjective because it's easy to take things out of context and can be difficult to word things so that they don't come off in that manner, but on the other side of that we're a community of free and open expression.

After a recent warning from the staff in regards to something I posted that was seen as an attack on a manufacturer that I didn't mean to come off as such I'm beginning to wonder where that line stands between objective criticism and offensiveness.

As reviewers and community members, how do you handle that fine line between the two? How do you make sure that you're disagreeing with things or are disappointed in them without taking it too far and making sure you come off in a manner that isn't offensive? Do you feel comfortable when disagreeing with controversial things or expressing you opinions on them?
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Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I'm going to bump this thread because I think it's an important thing for us all to discuss and shed light on, and because I'd really like to see what everyone else has to say as some advice for myself.
js250 js250
I have had products that caused reactions for me, not as serious as yours, but when a product to cause a reaction--it needs to be known. However, I feel that tact and factual information works the best for letting others know. Because it will not create a reaction to EVERYONE--just look at the warming lubes, my experience with Sliquid(everyone else seems to love this stuff), and the perfumes. Some love them and some get burned, headaches, etc. from them. Will write more after work.
Voir Voir
I don't have much experience as a reviewer, but I think it'd be helpful to outline what they mean by criticism so that a mere misunderstanding will not get someone banned. Or at least, if it's the person's first offense address them rather than with a warning point it out and critique what made the statement come off as an attack.
Zombirella Zombirella
I really like a company that I recently reviewed two products for. One worked out great, the other, not so much. While it was still an "okay" product it just didn't seem to be as good as it could have been and I had to rate it that way. It was a cologne but it didn't seem to last that long or be that noticeable unless you are right up next to the person and looking for the scent. Because of that I gave it a 3. But I mentioned that people that like light scents that are barely noticeable may like it but I was looking for something a bit stronger. I even made a post here in the forum about feeling bad about rating it a 3 because I do like the company but I gave my honest opinion.
I gave the Trojen finger vibe a low rating too. The commercials talked it up like it was such a GREAT product and would do wonders and it was less than satisfying, that I didn't feel bad about rating. I felt a little more deceived by the company but I know their job is to sell and make it desirable but it wasn't what they made it out to be.

As for the forums, if it's something I have a VERY strong opinion of and I think my words might get me into trouble, I just pass it and don't answer. I might read the other replies but leave my own out or use few words as possible. Recently though someone posted something that I felt was disrespectful period and I was a little shocked that the admins didn't delete the post like they did an even more offensive one the night before. I did express my opinion there but kept it nice, went back and deleted/re-worded before I posted. I kept what I really wanted to say quiet. Especially because I was already a little irritated with that person because I feel they post useless topics way too often &I get tired of seeing it and then to go and post something like that for a measly 10 points, just not worth it in my opinion. I usually just skip over their topics but those two times I just had to say something.
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