Ever wish you had put the moves on someone...but just totally missed the opportunity?

Ever wish you had put the moves on someone...but just totally missed the opportunity?

Bignuf Bignuf
(MR Bignuf here) I had a college professor, right before graduation, who kept dropping hints that she was 1. Available/single and 2. She had only gotten her PhD the year before, so we were "only" four years apart.

She was putting the moves on me HARD for some reason, and I simply did NOT pick up and run with that ball. Not sure why, either. She was attractive, and I was not attached at that point. I guess I was "old fashioned" and she was the "teacher" (despite the fact the semester was OVER and the grades were done).

Other then as my instructor, we had NO relationship, ever. I saw her in her office for questions a couple times, and it was NOT till after finals, but before graduation, that I saw her around campus and two or three times she stopped ME and put on the "full court press" at "are you interested in maybe getting a bite to eat, or perhaps hanging out together this weekend...there is a show on at the museum"...etc. I brushed her off, each time. Never did see her again, either.

Once in a while, in my inner soul, I wonder about those romances missed.

By the way, MRS Bignuf is right here....over my shoulder, and KNOWS I feel this way, so NO hurt feelings. She does not, however, get it. "Water under the bridge...done is done....how can you miss what "might have been" , since life turned out SO well for us"?

Like I said, just all in my little brain.

Even CANINE BIGNUF is not showing me teeth over this issue..so I guess it is no big deal. SO....anyone else ever, in a slow moment, wonder what "might have been" with someone who was attracted to them, but they didn't do anything about it?

Just wondering. NO regrets (at least not on MY part).
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Ghost Ghost
Not really. If I felt something was there, and I was free, I usually went after who I wanted.
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