Have you heard of face symmetry?

Have you heard of face symmetry?

socceras socceras
I have heard many times that people with perfectly symmetrical face are generally "prettier." It's hard to tell by looking at yourself if your face is perfectly symmetrical but once you see it fixed by a computer the difference is huge. I have wanted to see what I would look like. Have you ever heard of this? I saw it again on tv today.
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Mwar Mwar
Neuroscientist (well, in a few months officially) here.

The reason we find symmetrical faces "prettier" is because it shows genes for better health in resilience. Those with more symmetrical faces are thought to have better genes and were able to form better while in the womb. If there are problems in utero, those with not as great genes are more likely to be more asymmetric.

It all boils down to evolution. We're programmed to look for better genes.

Still, no one is 100% symmetric.

Hope the helps!
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