Dealing with familial expectations...

Dealing with familial expectations...

T&A1987 T&A1987
Anyone have an issue where your family expects too much too soon? I just graduated with my MA and have been trying to find a job, but when I apply to certain jobs, retail jobs for example, all I hear is "all that education to be a grocery clerk" or "the drug store? ugh."

These aren't jobs I want and aren't in my field, but it's a tough economy and I'm trying to find money somewhere until I can get a better job. I understand that they don't want me to end up in a field i regret and resent, but I have loan obligations and want to move out. It's like unless I get a high powered job in washington right after graduation then it's just a waste.

Anyone else have issues like this?
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Geogeo Geogeo
I constantly feel like I'm not living up to expectations though my family never says anything negative.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
My grandmother is like this but I had to learn to ignore it. You have to live your life and not let them make decisions for you.
LadyDarknezz LadyDarknezz
First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on getting your MA! Times are tough right now and the job market is crap, so it isn't your fault hun. I am sorry that your family is giving you such a hard time, but they need to understand that times are much different than when they were your age. The cost of living is much higher, and unemployment is extremely high. You are actually quite fortunate to have a job right now. I hope they will realize this and start treating you much better. All you can do is live your life, and do as KrissyNovacaine says. I wish you all the luck in the world.

As for me, I struggle with this issue...I was a 4.0 student in school my whole life, even in college, but I wound up developing a rare pancreatic disease that changed everything. I had to quite my job, leave school and move in with my parents. I wanted to be the first of their children to graduate from college, but I feel like I've failed them all because I've gotten so sick at such a young age.

They tell me that they aren't disappointed in me, but I still can't help but feel that way. I feel like a giant burden on their shoulders since I should be out living my own life instead of having them help take care of me like this.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Originally posted by KrissyNovacaine
My grandmother is like this but I had to learn to ignore it. You have to live your life and not let them make decisions for you.
I love that last part!

My family's been waiting for me to become a dad, get married, etc. Not for me, thank you.

Congrats on your MA!
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