Favorite Fast Food?

Contributor: ColorSplash ColorSplash
We all have a favorite fast food joint.. whats yours?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Burger King
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Taco Bell
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Panda Express
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Dairy Queen
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Dunkin' Donuts
Jersey Mike's Subs
gehuwd , RonLee , Ansley
Krispy Kreme
Ansley , MidnightStorm , butts , treehugger
Long John Silver's
TheSinDoll , K101 , MidnightStorm , LilLostLenore , butts
tigerkate , pinkcupcakes , Lily Night , Smitty , GONE! , RomanticGoth
Sonic Drive-In
pinkcupcakes , 0 , Beaners , gehuwd , wetone123 , MaryExy , Stinkytofu10 , GONE! , RonLee , wicked weasel , Sweetnative , Llahsram
Steak 'n Shake
ZenaidaMacroura , wetone123 , RonLee , Ansley , friendswithfangs
Pollo Tropical
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I don't like fast food
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Contributor: Queenbee35 Queenbee35
I really like wendy's. I love their crispy chicken sandwiches.
Contributor: markeagleone markeagleone
Originally posted by ColorSplash
We all have a favorite fast food joint.. whats yours?
I love the original!
Contributor: Fannybutts Fannybutts
Dont really consider Subway fast food.

Free cookie mondays too good :9
Contributor: tigerkate tigerkate
Kinda wide idea of fast food in those options!
I like Quizno's, though I do enjoy Wendy's and McDonald's for their fries.

I chose other though because living in California (and a few places in Vegas and Arizona now?) means In-N-Out.
Which trumps everything. NOM NOM NOMMMM
Contributor: Valentinka Valentinka
I haven't noticed Subway and voted only Starbucks.
But really, there's no much choice for me here, cause from THIS list in my city we have only Subway and a local fast-food chain bought out by KFC. I've been to McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks abroad, though )
Contributor: Solar Ray Solar Ray
I'm not really into any fast food because I can make much better food at home.
Contributor: VenusianThunder VenusianThunder
Starbucks, though I don't really consider it fast food...
Contributor: lezergirl lezergirl
Contributor: sixfootsex sixfootsex
Originally posted by VenusianThunder
Starbucks, though I don't really consider it fast food...
Thank you!
Contributor: Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I really don't do much in the way of fast food, but when I do - I really like Wendy's.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Ribio's fish tacos and lobster burritos!
Contributor: Woman China Woman China
A&W's. It is one of my many frequent stops when I go to North America. Mmmmm.... their root beer!!!!

Next comes Dairy Queen for ice cream, Tim Hortons for coffee... and then? Subway. Their veggie subs are amazing!!!
Contributor: TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
I'm all over the place. It really just depends on my mood.
Contributor: alliegator alliegator
Jack in the Box and Weinersnitchel are my favs.
Contributor: Tart Tart
I love me some Burger King. I haven't had Burger King in about two months and I hope it is a long time until I am tempted back.
Contributor: Beaners Beaners
Contributor: PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
In general, I'm not much for fast food. But I do enjoy subway and starbucks, since I consider them less fast food than others.
Contributor: GravyCakes GravyCakes
Originally posted by ColorSplash
We all have a favorite fast food joint.. whats yours?
at the moment, mine is zaxby's
Contributor: Inwitari Inwitari
Used to be Wendy's, but now it's a local small chain called B Man's Teriyaki. Teriyaki burgers, teriyaki chicken sandwiches, and shave ice.
Contributor: K101 K101
I love subway and long john silvers, but we don't have a long john's in my area. It's about an hr away We have a subway and I eat there often when they're not so expensive. Lately my favorite place in my area is Krystal! I LOVE their chicken bites and have been hooked on those for months now. They're really the only clean, trustworth fast food joint in my small area. How sad! You can guarantee you'll be sick if you eat at our taco bell. They like to screw with the food and the orders are ALWAYS wrong. My chicken quesadillas which I used to eat everynight and they were ALWAYS empty. Lol .Seriously, they'd either smother it in hot sauce because it's so damn funny to watch a girl get sick and waste her money. Or they put no cheese and 2 chunks of chicken. Too expensive to keep getting sick and waste money. I was sick for weeks before I realized it was them then, I would eat there every once in a while when my dad would stop by there and demand that I eat (lol he's a paranoid freak) and everytime we end up sick!

Also, the people that work at our taco bell are young and always complain when customers come in. That's not exactly a pleasant thing to deal with. Krystals is our best option and the workers are so kind and clean. They always know what I'm getting when they see us pull up. Lol We've actually made some close friends that work there just from beign in there so often.

When I go in they tell me they've already got my chicken bites cooking and my honey ready. Lol. I love that place! Their chicken sandwich thingys are absolutely amazing too!
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
My favorite place changes. At the moment, it's Subway! Whenever I go through to the town where Subway is located - I eat there .... like tomorrow. YUMMMM!

Other times I LOVE Maccas!!!

I never go to Wendys, hate KFC and Starbucks is expensive ... even though I love one of their drinks.
We don't have the others here.
Contributor: tickle me pink tickle me pink
I've been on a health kick lately, so the only one we go to anymore is Subway. Burger King and Wendy's used to be my favorites, but I also love KFC for the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, and Chick-fil-A for the spicy chicken sandwich. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
Contributor: padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by ColorSplash
We all have a favorite fast food joint.. whats yours?
I love Wendy's and there is one near us so I tend to eat there a lot. I love eating at Tim Hortons but there isn't one nearby so don't go there as much as I would like.
Contributor: froggiemoma froggiemoma
taco bueno!
Contributor: Maeby Maeby
Chick-Fil-A! And we don't have it where I live now...

I also love Chipotle and Moe's...both very good Southwestern food. Does Panera count as fast food?
Contributor: Smitty Smitty
Originally posted by ColorSplash
We all have a favorite fast food joint.. whats yours?
Taco Bell will always reign supreme.
Contributor: mandiegk mandiegk
My favorite place when I lived in North Carolina was CookOut. It was a drive through only place and the milkshakes were the greatest thing ever.
Contributor: nicole07 nicole07
Wendys is yummy!
Contributor: Willis2011 Willis2011