Favorite Wine? Or, What Should I Try Next?

Favorite Wine? Or, What Should I Try Next?

bayosgirl bayosgirl
Since starting work as a server in a semi-fine restaurant, I have developed an interest and taste for wines. My husband and I have even took up a friend's challenge to try a new wine under $10 each week, and it's a lot of fun! Do you have a favorite wine/s? Please post name and where you bought it. Thanks!
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Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
Wine.... we LOVE wine. We typical have a glass with dinner and have been quite pleased with the Barefootline. Inexpensive and comes in a magnum size for $10-$12.

Other honorable mentions are the Big House(Red and White). If they are sold in your area, they are worth looking into. Although I was a huge fan of Big House, Barefoot has now become our favorite largely because of price and they come in a magnum size.

My personal favorite is a Vouvray. Admittedly we usually only have it on special occasions.

One that caught us off guard was Francis Coppola Merlot. Great taste are a reasonable price.

I'll close out my yammering with a personal favorite that I share every year with by best friend at Christmas. Brunello di Montalcino banfi. Only a few more weeks and I'll have a great glass of this wine in the company of my best friend.

Oh, and if I buy online it's at Fine Wine House. They have good prices and great shipping.

Gracie Gracie
Well I tried the Nouvo the other day(9.99). It always comes out in the fall. It's meant to be drunk young. It was okay, not great. I havent read what the experts say. I just buy what I like. If you go up in price just a little my fav 12$ bottle is Gruet it is a Blanc de Noirs from New Mexico. It is basicaly an inexpensive domestic champagne. I buy most of my wine at my local grocery store. I'm really lucky. It's well stocked and there is always a knowledgeable person on hand. I second the recomenation of the Coppola Merlot. I like that too. The best price I saw on that was at Sam's. I assume they have those everywhere? Good luck! Keep us updated.
Jaimes Jaimes
For a good $10 wine, try the Ruffino Chianti. It's my safety blanket wine. I love it every time, and if I feel like upgrading, there is a classico and reserva version that just goes up by $10 for each.

Clos de Bois is a favorite for white wines. I am not really into white wines, but they make me change my tune. You can find them for $15-20, and they are worth it.

I also third the Coppola line. I prefer the chianti, but it's all very tasty.

And honestly, if you haven't already tried the Trader Joe's line of two buck chucks, you should. They are good, and an affordable way to make wine a habit with dinner.

My favorite though? Silver Oak. It's a rare but wonderful treat.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
I love Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Vidal Blanc, and Chocolate Port, however all of my favorites in those categories are from a specific winery, can only be purchased on premise there, and cost much more than $10, ranging from $26-40 a bottle.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm partial to white wines. Red wines taste too much like earwax to me.

I like my wines dry and sweet --> Pinot Griggio and Chardonnay.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
Originally posted by El-Jaro
I'm partial to white wines. Red wines taste too much like earwax to me.

I like my wines dry and sweet --> Pinot Griggio and Chardonnay.
you eat earwax?

you must be drinking some horrible red wines! i heart the red ones. i like just about.. all wines.

if you like REAL sweet wine, check out plum fuki, a plum wine in the japanese section. its retardedly sweet. and sooo good. tastes like almond or something.

also, blackberry wines are good if you like the sweet treat.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I love wine! Last wine I had was Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. Yum!
mpfm mpfm
I like Moscato white wine. I don't have a strong preference for a particular brand.
arewehavingfun? arewehavingfun?
We were in Napa Valley a few years ago and had the opportunity to tour the Coppela winery and sample their wines. As far as I am concerned, you can not go wrong with any of their wines. And, yes, it is related to Francis Ford Coppela directing fame!!
Gracie Gracie
Had this one 2 nights ago it was great! Cupcake Prosecco 7 bucks at sams! hard to beat that! It's very festive! I'm going to get some more!
bayosgirl bayosgirl
Thanks for the recommendations. I was on a Chardonnay kick for awhile, then I switched to red. Here is what I've tried if anyone is interested..

-Green Barn Organic Chardonnay, 2010. Paid $9.99 at Trader Joes. A decent Chardonnay, but for me I like my flavors bold, and this one didn't cut it. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the superb Mezzacorona Chard we carry at the restaurant. Won't buy again.

-Kirkland brand (yes, that's Costco's house brand!) Chardonnay, 2010. $7.99. I liked this one better than the former. If memory serves me right, the apple really came through on this one. Would definitely try it again.

-Honey Bunch Chardonnay, 2010. $7.99 at Trader Joes. Wow, this one was different! Strong vanilla notes overpowering the classic apple/butter/oak chardonnay. At first I didn't like it at all, but I warmed up to it with the second glass. Might give it a second try.

-Apothic Red, 2010. $11.99 (on sale) at Meijers. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I bought this (mostly) because of the pretty bottle! But it turned out to be a great buy. Subtle vanilla and mocha notes make this a real treat...WITHOUT being sugary sweet (I really don'tcare for sweet wines.) I can see this going really well with a burger and caramelized onions and mushrooms on top.. Can you tell I'm hungry?! :-P

-Cupcake Red Velvet blend, 2010. $9.99 at WalMart. Probably the most disappointing buy yet. :-( I tried it because the label description sounded a lot like Apothic Red, plus our friends who turned us on to this whole wine adventure had good things to say about Cupcake. I found it 'cloying', way too heavy on blackberry and lacking body.

Next I think I want to try this bottle of French Pinot Noir I've been eyeing at Sam's.
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