Fear of toys?

Fear of toys?

Peggi Peggi
So, I debated which category to place this in, but I decided to put it in here since it's something that can apply to men or women, couples or singles!

Who here has been or knows someone who is/was afraid of sex toys? Maybe just some that are larger in size, maybe made of a certain material, maybe only toys used for bondage?

This topic came to mind when I was looking through my collection and very proud of myself to be honest. A very long time ago I used to collect toys, I'll admit I started before I was 18, my mom bought me a vibe when I was 14 in an attempt to prevent me from having sex with one of my boyfriends, because a friend of mine was having sex already at that age! Well, I had a small collection going, and by the time I was 18 I had an admirable collection!

Then, my ex husband (being the jerk that he is) wanted to try using toys too, but he was extremely aggressive about it. Aggressive to the point where he almost liked to torture me with toys that were clearly too large and painful. I threw all but 3 of my toys out and hid the 3 that I kept. Keeping in mind that I know this is a rare instance, because most people don't tend to be that sadistic when it comes to someone they "love", I think he just had several screws loose.

For years I was actually afraid to use toys, until I met who I am with now. It changed everything. I am now using them again, building up my lovely little collection, and have a partner who encourages me to try something new once in a while that I'll enjoy but never forces me to. Also, he is very gentle with me. Has anyone ever had an experience like this, or maybe they just are afraid to try certain types of toys?

I have a friend who is very afraid to even try anal beads, yet she will use plugs. She has no clue why, but she just imagines horrible things happening if she inserts that long string inside of her!!!
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Ghost Ghost
Not toys specifically, but I have known people (mostly women) were were afraid of penetration. I personally had that fear for a long time (and still do sometimes), but I allow it anyway.

When I was a child, I was exposed to some brutal stuff, that included hearing, or seeing representations of, women being stabbed and killed "that way", and it has always stuck with me. Sometimes I feel sick thinking about being penetrated, but I try to put it out of my mind. It has kept me from having sex for months at a time.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Never been scared of any toys - no matter how freaky they may look. And I don't know of anyone who was scared of a toy.
Wildchild Wildchild
Originally posted by Peggi
So, I debated which category to place this in, but I decided to put it in here since it's something that can apply to men or women, couples or singles!

Who here has been or knows someone who is/was afraid of sex toys? Maybe just some ...
This may be off topic.

I am a leasing agent for homes and apartments. Every once in a while I will just go and clean an apratment or house myself instead of having someone else do it. Anyway back to the topic! There have been more times than i can count when I have cleaned either or and found used sex toys in some odd places. You expect to find them under the bed or in the bedroom. Not under a fish tank stand, fridge or under the bathroom sink.

I don't like cleaning up someone else's sex toys. It's just gross!
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
I have a few friends that are very adamant that they are not interested in toys, but I don't think they have ever really tried any out of fear. I don't push the issue, because if someone is scared they have to figure out how to calm that in their own way.
I of course would be willing to suggest or help any of them that wanted me to.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
My husband "refuses" me to have any "inside" toys b/c in his opinion that's his spot. He didn't like the idea of me using any at all, but I finally told him I had to try something b/c he gets to experience orgasms and I can't so I want to be able to as well. Now that we've been experimenting together he likes them. I think the vibrations get him off, but at least he's becoming more open with the idea.
butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
I'm scared of anal beads as well!! ;/
emilia emilia
I never been scared of toys but my sister is not so open minded
mandiegk mandiegk
I was intimidated by them before I actually got my first toy. I did all my shopping online because the only adult stores around here are sketchy, so everything just sounded like it was going to be huge. Once I got my first toy, and actually had some concept of the sizing, I realized how silly I was being. There are some toys that I am intimidated by now, but that is because I know how huge they are.
froggiemoma froggiemoma
I used to have fears about bigger more intimadating lookings ones.
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
I've seen toys that look like they would be uncomfortable to use and cringed, but I don't think I have ever been fearful of toys. I don't think I've known anyone who was fearful of toys either. I've known some people who thought toys were "disgusting" or "kinky" though.
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