Zombirella Zombirella
Does anyone else find themselves being too forgiving? To the extent that you would apologize to someone that was mad/upset at you even if you felt you did nothing wrong? I don't know about anyone else but I HATE tension or someone being mad (even if for no reason) so I find myself apologizing even if they should be the one doing it just to get that negativity away.
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I'm too forgiving
DreamWolf , js250 , jmex83 , Rod Ronald
In the middle
Secret Pleasure , El-Jaro , Lucky21 , PolyLove , Lover of Leather , aliceinthehole , Kitka , C-Rae
I'm not too forgiving
Ghost , Beck , - Kira - , jokerzwild , dv8
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DreamWolf DreamWolf
I used to be ridiculously forgiving, and went through a lot of not pleasant at all situations simply because I couldn't say no, couldn't defend myself, because of always appreciating even the little good qualities of a person even if (s)he was an extremely big asshole, so yep, I am definitely that kind of person! :S

Nowadays am rather like, hmmm, am still extremely forgiving but not half as much anymore, when it comes to my Master and there is something I think should be this way or that way then am hissing inside a little when He disagrees and doesn't go along (W/we both have strong opinions about the various things of life, but W/we are open too to understand and accept other viewpoints), but it rather manifests in it that I care for His Pleasure muchmuch more than mine, well, I care a LOT about mine too, but I keep on tending to bow head and then find myself all dissatisfied and disappointed after waiting and waiting longly... Well, in the pleasure department only, in everything else He is wisest and smartest and always right and W/we totally have the same way of seeing everything, but it is frustrating that poor Baby of mine doesn't feel up to pleasing me enough all the time, but I understand Him and accept it because indeed, now W/we are in transit, W/we have to wait, and I don't want to top His Frustration off with pulling His Legs too - so I just forgive, stay most loving, and hope for the best to happen veryvery soon... ~lays ears blushy
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I voted in the middle because although I do forgive easily i won't say I am sorry to someone if they are mad at me just to make peace.
Ghost Ghost
I'm not forgiving at all.
js250 js250
Way too forgiving--just the way I am though, I have tried to change it and became very resentful.
Beck Beck
I am just going to say this straight and not sugar coat it.

I am a straight up cold hearted bitch to those who cross me. I will not forgive for the important things, but will for minor things. I don't hold an unhealthy grudge, but I will not forgive somethings because they are purely unforgivable.
Lucky21 Lucky21
I'm in the middle.
- Kira - - Kira -
Originally posted by Beck
I am just going to say this straight and not sugar coat it.

I am a straight up cold hearted bitch to those who cross me. I will not forgive for the important things, but will for minor things. I don't hold an unhealthy grudge, but I will ...
This. Only sometimes I will totally hold unhealthy grudges.

I think I have granted forgiveness to only two or three people ever in my life. At least on major things. I don't forgive lightly. You mess me over, that's that. We're done. I don't keep friends long as most people will eventually screw you over. *shrug*
Kitka Kitka
I'm somewhere in the middle. I have only held one grudge and it's well worth it, most people would think so.
jokerzwild jokerzwild
I'm not forgiving at all, I do believe people can sometimes/rarely be redeemed but I'm far too cynical to role the dice.
C-Rae C-Rae
It all depends on the situation and the person. Some people I can forgive easier than others. I guess that comes from expecting more from certain people than others..
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I forgive all the time. Its my rules, even though I really just want to sock the hell out of a SOB!!! I don't...
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
This depends on just who needs forgiving and what they did. Pretty much the only person I forgive every time is my mother. Generally I am fairly forgiving though, unless someone hurts my mother...then I despise them like nobody's business until the end of time (unless she forgives them...then I tolerate their existence on the planet a little easier).
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