Fun question. You get made King or Queen of the World. What do you do now?

Fun question. You get made King or Queen of the World. What do you do now?

Bignuf Bignuf
What changes would you make? Would you make the world a super place for all (how?) or would you lavish yourself in riches? What would the world look like under YOUR rule?
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Eugler Eugler
My rule would be:

Building highest quality schools everywhere with absolutely no religious education at all. But tons of tantric and sexual education.

I would spend huge amounts on research and education, sustainable agrar science and sustainable energy.
Ansley Ansley
I haven't the foggiest clue, that kind of power has never appealed to me.
Cinnyree Cinnyree
wow I hope no one ever has that much power.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Does it have to be this world? ...I'd rather go be the goblin queen. <w<
/Jareth fangirlism.

Honestly, I'd probably keep things as normal as possible, but things like trying to start wars or other violent acts like that would probably be severely punished to get the message across that such hatred and negativity will NOT be tolerated.
I used to think maybe get rid of the whole "Country" system so that when one group of people inflicts that sort of pain on another, their victims wouldn't be some people in a country they don't care about...they'd just be people.
At the end of the day, I think that, no matter how large or small, patriotism in certain forms can blind some people to the pain of others. It can be a blessing (as seen after 9/11, the Boston Bombings, Hurricane Katrina/Sandy, etc., when people rallied around one another to heal the physical and mental toll the attacks took) or a curse, when it makes us callous to the pain of another simply because they're from a country we don't like or are at war with at the moment.

Not everyone in every country is evil and I think, sometimes, it can be hard to remember that war and violence takes a heavy toll on far many people than we can really understand.
People need to just get the fuck along and realize that we all have to share this one planet, it's not like hurting one another over beliefs, prejudice, or simple hatred will better the world in the end.
We ALL bleed the same, we all feel the same, we're all pretty much the same in enough ways that it should be easy to see past silly differences like skin color, social standing, sexual orientation...etc.

...but then, when you think about it, that system could cause more problems than it would solve anyway.
I'm not sure there is any one "right" way of fixing the world and bringing about a lasting, global peace and unity.
I just wish we, as a species, were doing a better job at managing things on this tiny speck of the cosmos that we were blessed with. =|

(Sorry for the TL;DR...this is one of the things I tend to mull over when I crawl up into my own mind to think, so it's something I've given a great deal of consideration to.)

Kind of sad that it seems I murdered this post, I was quite looking forward to reading more replies. = <
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