Getting rid of ants

Getting rid of ants

Peggi Peggi
So since I was a kid, I've been very fearful of ants. Small ones, big ones, regular creepy crawly ones, winged ones...they all scare me. I had a bad incident at a sleepover where I ended up covered in them, and since then, just seeing them gives me chills!

Today, we had a bit of an ant problem, and I spent most of the day trying to get rid of them!

I vacuumed them up, placed ant traps where they were coming in and a couple of places along their pathway, vacuumed them more...they stuck around and kept finding new lines, despite our not having any food lying around. They initially smelled the cat food, but continued to search even once we took the bowl up!

Finally, I sprayed the hole where they were coming in with some perfume, and so far, no more ants!

So, do you have a method you use to destroy the little creepy crawlies?

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funluvinmama funluvinmama
cinnamon placed in their path stops them. The strong smell messes with the ants senses.

We place pine cones with cinnamon oil on them in my kids rooms and the ants wont come in the rooms.
Rossie Rossie
I HATE ants. I've had an ant invasion two months ago and I've had two Terro liquid ant baits set on their paths coming into the house, they worked wonderfully and the stupid ants either died right on the spot or disappeared in less than a week (they carried the bait back to their nest to share with their fellow ants and the queen); haven't seen ants ever since. You've got to be patient and let them feed over a period of time (a few days to two weeks time). Good luck!

Spraying perfume will only keep them away for the time being, killing the entire colony with ant bait is the best solution.
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