Greatest (or Worst) Vacation Stories

Greatest (or Worst) Vacation Stories

gsfanatic gsfanatic
Since summer's really getting into swing, what are some of the greatest (or terrible) vacations you've ever been on?

For me, it was probably the trip my friends and i took to the beach. Highlights included my friend freaking out because someone was flying a confederate flag and the rest of the car being surprised when I made a u-turn (apparently I was the only one who was taught that U-turns are legal driving moves)
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Ansley Ansley
Let's see...we were on a business trip and as we were getting ready to settle in for the night at our hotel, we saw two people having car trouble.

The car was completely beat up and old and you could tell they were on hard times but all the wanted was to get to the bottle shop. Hubby tried to jump the vehicle off, but no luck. The next morning, hubby gets up to go to his class and there's security, maintenance, and the local police in the parking lot. Turns out our down on their luck friends, were amateur pornography buffs. They were busted filming their activities as the sun came up.

That is by far the most interesting thing to happen on that trip.

The most fun and exciting thing to happen on a trip was this last one we went on where we won $50 at the racetrack. It was a first for both of us. Which is really hard for us to get these days as we've both experienced so much and so much of it has been together.
iluvPHSfh9 iluvPHSfh9
My best vacation story has to be in Mexico when a friend of mine and I spotted guys on our trip before we even left and we ended up spending the whole week with the guys. We went skinny dipping at night and hooked up on the beach and then back in the shower of the room, however I busted my head on the rocks in the water but now I just have a scar to remind me of the week. Still in touch with the guy and it was the most memorable vacation by far.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Not a vacation, but returning from a family visit in another state, and stopping off at a rest stop in Georgia ... three Tibetan monks in their scarlet robes, and them getting into a Thunderbird convertible.

That was awesome to the nth power.
BG529 BG529
when i graduated HS. my mom, my grandma, and my grams friend took a curise to bermuda. it was the best time of my life. i'd go back anyday
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