Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Pandahb Pandahb
I work on my school campus at a convenience shop. And lucky me got to work both Friday and Saturday night when all the cool parties were going on. So needless to say, a bunch of people came in with costumes on.

So my question for you is, what is the coolest costume you saw this year? Why? And what costumes make you laugh really hard/drop your draw? and Why?
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Pandahb Pandahb
My favorite one was a guy dressed up as one of the beetles with a perfect accent. The entire time he talked to me he stayed in character. It was awesome. However his friend next to him also had the same accent, yet he was dressed as Popeye.

The one that made me drop my jaw was a guy wearing only tighty whities. Mind you, when I saw him I was walking home from work in 35 degree F weather. He was suppose to be cupid as his body had red hearts all over him and he had a bow and arrow. But it was just ridiculous.

I also want to add that I saw some guys dressed as the fanta girls. Holla if you know what I mean by that.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Let's see ... the street party last night had quite a few weird ones.

The most creative was the guy who was dressed as a really creepy tree with glowing red eyes and he was on stilts so he was about fifteen feet tall. That was pretty awesome.

There was the Naked Cowboy - in undies, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and guitar. (You may recall hearing about that one in the news some years back. Florida is not as cold as New York, though.)

The most WTF Costume was Captain American, though. I saw him earlier in the evening in a complete costume, looking perfectly cool and normal as Cap A. Later on in the evening, he had lost his pants and was running around in a star-spangled thong. So there was the top half of a normal Captain America ... with his ass hanging out. My friend L actually followed him a bit to make sure she wasn't imagining that his ass was showing.
Alicia Alicia
Well, the best homemade one I've seen so far was a couple that went as a Pac Man game. They had made up shirts that had different characters and stuff on it. The "laziest" was a salt and pepper duo LOL. Each had a white shirt one with a P and one with an S and the salt had white spots on his face and the pepper had black ones on his.

The best overall was a Joker, he really actually looked like the Joker, it was a pretty awesome costume.
Jenni Shelton Jenni Shelton
i seen a guy dressed up as a condom b4 when I went to guavaween in st pete, they have some crazy costumes!!
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