Have you ever been in a car accident?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

jjesssica jjesssica
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have u ever been in a car accident?
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K101 K101
Thank the sweet Lord I've not been in a bad one, but a very minor one only. I haven't crashed while driving, but have been in a car with friends once and we had a minor accident--hit a tree. Nobody was injured badly at all. I am an extremely cautious driver. It breaks my heart to think of losing loved ones and how easy car accidents take lives, so I am careful. Of course that doesn't mean it can't happen, but so far, I have been very blessed.

My mom and dad both have been in awful accidents--seperately though. My mom had a rough one when I was a kid. She is OK though, but my dad had extreme injuries from one once.
melissa1973 melissa1973
I've had several one with my mom in the car; I picked her up from work that night. On the highway I was hit in the rear, it flipped the car bumper over bumper 3 times. Somehow the car threw me out landing me in the ditch by the highway. Which was odd in itself all windows were still up, none were broken, and rescuers had to use the Jaws of Life to get to mom. Dislocating moms shoulder, the car finally coming to a rest balanced on the light reflector with the front bumper pushing me in the ground. The only thing that saved me was that it rained that whole week. I woke up in the hospital a few days later 3 staples in the head, bruised lungs, and a cop in the doorway with a ticket for no seatbelt. They didn’t even bother to look for the truck that hit me (assholes).

The last one my daughter was 2 when I was stopped at a red light, his truck had a winch on the front. He slammed into my 85 BMW, both my daughter and I walked away with no injuries. The poor car got the brunt of it. It shoved everything forward, totaling the car, it was drivable for about a month latter but would die going down the road and when you went to start it, she had to be in neutral and my foot off of the clutch. I loved that car it just made me sick having to finally junk her.
I wouldn't consider it an accident, but I've been rear ended a few times. Just scratches on my bumper every time. My car is tough
Mwar Mwar
3 Minor yet scary ones.

The most scary was when a car 2 cars back crashed the hell out of the guy behind us. While we were on a bridge. Both cars behind us got totalled, but thank goodness everyone was okay save for scratches and bruising. We only got a dent.

Still scary as hell watching the cars crashing toward you on a bridge though.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Only one and that was plenty. Let a friend drive my car and she ran a stop light, the SUV hit us at 65 mph and I went half way through the windshield. Needless to say we were drunk and I only remember parts of the night. Totaled my car that I had only bought two weeks before.
Ansley Ansley
Yes and I haven't driven since. I walked away from it but it could have been very, very bad. My husband drives me everywhere I need to be if his schedule allows it. Thankfully, I'm content not interacting with the general public on the roadways of our great state. No one here knows how to drive properly.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
Yes i have been hit by a car also.
Kissy Kissy
Surprisingly never. Unless you count when me and a car were backing up in a parking lot at the same time and bumped each other? It was so minimal we didn't even take each others info. But now I am super weary of parking lots.
Ansley Ansley
Originally posted by Kissy
Surprisingly never. Unless you count when me and a car were backing up in a parking lot at the same time and bumped each other? It was so minimal we didn't even take each others info. But now I am super weary of parking lots.
Dude, this one chick backed up allll the way onto the hood of my car before I knew what was happening. I was like WOW, she didn't even notice she had done it.
js250 js250
Yes--it was pretty bad. I was stopped in a turn lane in my Ford Escort hatchback and a kid rearended me doing 70 MPH. I ended up 1/4 of a mile away in a ditch in the pasture. I do not remember anything about the wreck itself....just have all the pics from it. I was without a pulse and was turning blue when the ambulance arrived. I woke up in the hospital in the Cat Scan machine---I honestly thought the aliens had gotten me, they were real and this was my payback for laughing at all those shows. A nurse walked in and i was so scared of the 'alien' I must have passed out again. Next thing I knew, my hubby walked into the room--he was crying. I realized that it was not aliens, not a bad dream I was having but something had happened to me. I had 5 broken ribs-same side of body- one was broken in 4 spots. Collapsed. torn and bruised lungs, bruised diaphragm, torn kidney and spleen, I was scalped on the left side of my head, had a damaged vertebra and disc, whiplash, permanent brain damage, torn shoulder rotator ligaments on both shoulders and many bruises and cuts. I was in ICU for a week and a half. The son of a bitch lied his way out of a ticket & had minimal insurance.

I had every one of my guardian angels on my shoulder that day--I am very lucky to be alive, to have gotten out of the car ---which did not resemble a vehicle in any way anymore--in one piece, well, with everything still partially intact, and that my father in law saw the wreck and told my husband and stayed at the scene to be there for him when he had to go through it to get to the hospital. The cops said I was already gone. This was to my hubby when he asked where I was after not finding me in the current ambulance.

It was a sad but life altering experience for all of us!!! Live every day to your fullest--I went to go home to see my hubby at lunch and did not make it. Thank God I was able to make it there a few weeks later--not everyone gets that other chance.
remember.me remember.me
Yes, several. At age 8, I was run over by a 4x4 truck while crossing the street and he ran over my legs, knocked me down to the ground; I almost lost my legs but thankfully I didn't! When I finally drove (at age 21) I ended up in a car accident 3 months after I got my license where a black truck started to come over into my lane, so I swerved to avoid him and didn't notice the semi truck beside me...no injuries but I hurt my car! Then at 22, I totaled my car in a snowstorm into a guardrail. I was only doing 30 mph but did 12k damage to my car and I walked away, even though the car was hit on driver side slamming the door into the car. I got lucky!
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