Have you ever dated someone you never met?

Contributor: KrazyKandy KrazyKandy
have you dated someone you met online? Something that STARTED online.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Yes I am in a long distance relationship and havent met in person
1  (3%)
Yes I am in a long distance relationship and have met in person
5  (15%)
No I would never do that
13  (38%)
I have in the past
8  (24%)
7  (21%)
Total votes: 34
Poll is closed
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Contributor: subwayrailings subwayrailings
why isnt there an option for no i havent, but am not opposed to it?
Contributor: brevado brevado
I'm sure some do, but I could never.
Contributor: JennSenn JennSenn
I have a situation currently that is causing me to consider this possibility for the first time.
Contributor: sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
I'm in a long distance relationship and we've not met in person yet, but we Skype every day.
Contributor: MissCandyland MissCandyland
Personally, I couldn't do it.
Contributor: Incendiaire Incendiaire
I had a really close friendship once with a guy I met online, and I think at some point we accidentally developed romantic feelings for each other, but living on different continents pretty much doomed that from the start.
Contributor: roskat roskat
I've never done it.
Contributor: sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
Before I flew out to meet my man over the summer, we'd only talked online, through texting, and skype. I don't like saying I hadn't "met" him yet though, because I knew him perfectly well enough before actually physically being in the same place as him.
Contributor: Llahsram Llahsram
No, I haven't done that but it's not something I wouldn't do.
Contributor: Anne Anne
i think it's sketchy
Contributor: married with children married with children
nope, never have
Contributor: True Pleasures True Pleasures
I met my husband online through Furcadia. We knew each other for a few years before he ever got me to say "yes" to going out with him. I fluffed him off quite a few times because I was scared. Then he came to visit me on leave. He was adorable and we had a great time. We've been married 5 years now, and have known each other for 10.
Contributor: Sera26 Sera26
I tried that online years ago but I could never get very committed that way. I need to be able to see the person, at least sometimes.
Contributor: solitudinarian solitudinarian
I did have a rather close online friendship with a man living on the other side of the world. We both had some sort of attraction to one another but we didn't consider it to be "dating" (we wanted to meet before we got too committed). It went on for a couple of years, with both of us saying that we'd meet someday, but we never did. I met someone else and we don't really chat anymore.
Contributor: haley730 haley730
I have before but probably would never do it again.
Contributor: Allstars316 Allstars316
In the past yes. We were about to meet and had problems and ended it.
Contributor: Trysexual Trysexual
Online chemistry doesn't always translate in real time I've learned. I can't do long distance....been there done it.
Contributor: Mikemanz Mikemanz
i met my (now) wife through match.com!
Contributor: TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
I've had a couple of relationships online.
Contributor: sweisb4100 sweisb4100
I need a physical connection.
Contributor: RonLee RonLee
My partner and I became acquainted online and met in person the first time after several weeks, when I flew to see her.
Contributor: spiced spiced
I met my wife online while looking for a companion for a multi-day cross country ski trip. Shortly after the second time we met, it turned into a romantic thing.
Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
I met my partner online. We spoke for about a month before I began planning a flight to meet him. At that point, we weren't really in a relationship, but we were toying with the idea. When I met him in person, we decided to start a relationship.