Have you ever not followed your own style only because of hanging out with people who would have judged you because of it? :)

Have you ever not followed your own style only because of hanging out with people who would have judged you because of it? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I remember the good old days of being wild and hanging out with the precious rocker folks when I was younger, and of course there are extremely big assholes among them too (yep, what "group" wouldn't have any, respect to the rare exceptions... ^^), and of course it was often "code" that for example you didn't wear fashionable clothes, you didn't listen to certain sorts of music, "cause they are brainwashing stupid shit good enough only for the dumb fashion chasers"... ~lol I was always mighty open though, the hippie chick of the crowd, and having my own taste of music, appearance, and lots of people found it ridiculous that I didn't stick to metal music and whatever similar, which was totally hilariously stupid in my opinion, as why to restrain your own spirit if it calls you for something what your soul likes...

Of course there were times when I was hearing/listening to so much of certain music genres that my preference for other sorts "decreased" for a while, and it took a while and the totally fine changing of my lifestyle simply because of my mood that I just didn't care to hang out pretty much with anyone anymore, so nothing effected and influenced me at all... ^^

Of course I still find it funky that people follow something only because "that is the trend", and "you are cool only if you do this and that, and if not then you are a loser" (I always found it repulsively ridiculous, why I always rejected anything what was related to fashion... ^^), and members of certain groups (even if it is based on philosophical views, like being a rocker for example) frown at you if you are known as a "member" because of the same taste/views, as it limits your own freedom to be yourself, and it stands both for popular fashion and alternative lifestyles...

Now I just don't give a hell anymore (not that I did before either), and it is just wonderful that I hear a nice tune somewhere, and it pleases me even if it is something what isn't my taste as much, or seeing something in the manner of appearance, and hell yes, it is totally not my style, but "fuck it", who cares... ^^ (Of course the only person I hang out is my Master, not having to be around anybody else blissfully, and W/we don't go anywhere anyway where W/we would bump into anyone who would fuss about such silly things... )

I still find it important to be conscious about what you do, for example that you would like to have that cool cell phone, but you know that such things are what make us consumerist slaves of the system, while in other countries people practically do slave labor to dig up the materials for the tiny little parts of such fancy but practically totally unneeded things... Or fast food... Yes, they are delicious, but being stuffed with GMO and what not, even that you would just follow your taste, you want to keep yourself to a kind of code what tells you that such things phisically/spiritually ruin you, so you just stay away from stuff...

Just throwing the topic up now popping into my head, wondering about your opinions... ^^
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I never hung with those sorts of people. Hence, I was a bullied reject for much of my underage servitude - any friends I had were people who followed their own 'beat of drums'. Such transitory stuff as music, fashion, and popularity never interested me, so I never played the games.

Which is why people who knew me when we were kids/teenagers are coming up to me now and saying "You've always been Real, and it's weird how everyone else doesn't seem Real, but you've always been that way."
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I can't say I've ever not followed my own 'style' but I do sort of hide my kinky side most of the time. I tend to worry people will judge me for that since I have a few very devout religious friends.
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