Have you ever rescued an animal? :)

Have you ever rescued an animal? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Just bumping into a video of a little cow stuck into some nastily sticky mud, I wonder how many of you have ever done such a thing... Was it blissfully successful? Or sadly unsuccessful? Dare to share your stories!
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Geogeo Geogeo
I've been part of saving many animals, fostering them, feeding them, nursing them when they were on the brink of death. But the ones that would have certainly died were two puppies that were at this mean old man's house. He had already starved 11 puppies to death the year before and neglecting these ones already. Me and another shelter volunteer just walked by his house, whistled at them and they followed us back to the car. We took them to the shelter where they were lovingly adopted just days later.
Ansley Ansley
Several. I rehomed a very large dog that was stuck in a crate for 14 hours a dog when their owner refused to better their lives. She now lives with a person who loves her dearly and let's her run around in a huge yard and takes her with him wherever he goes.

I rescued a kitten that had been abandoned by its mom. Then saved her life again when she had a major worm infestation.

And my first pet ever was a rescued kitty from a dumpster.
P'Gell P'Gell
Several times.

We have had several Rescue dogs. They all made great pets and good friends. A neighbor and I rescued some baby bunnies, when a dog ate two of their siblings. We rescued the three who were left, called the Wildlife Center, who told us (based on their appearance and fur and how their ears were pointing) that they were old enough to live on their own, and to find them a secluded place away from dogs, cover them with grass, and they would find their way on their own. And, NOT to feed them anything. They all eventually found their way and did well.

Once a bird was caught in one of our bird feeders. I hadn't realized when I bought it that a birdies' head could get caught between the edge and the rim. Her head was caught and a friend and I carefully took her out, and she flew away, no harm done.

Once one of our birdhouses fell in a storm. My Man picked it up and thought it was empty, when he started to remove the bedding, a bunch of baby birds fell out! We rounded them up, as the Mama screeched at us from a tree. One went under a railroad tie on our property, but one of our daughters was small child with very small hands and she was able to reach the baby bird from under the tie. We put them back in the birdhouse, with the bedding, and secured it well, then watched it until the Mama (who was screeching the entire time we were trying to save her babies) finally was able to go in and start feeding them again. We watched them each day as she continued to feed and care for them, until they grew big enough to fly away.

Once a beautiful bird flew into our glass back of our house. I kept her warm and called the Wildlife Center. But, she died before I they opened. I was going to drive her over there in, but she was too badly injured.

My oldest daughter saw some men taunting a baby squirrel with a hose at her apartment building. She somehow got the squirrel into a shoebox, which she lined with an old towel, yelled at the men, called Wildlife Center and got the baby over there. We were told he did very well and was set free as soon as he was old enough.

We have a LOT of wildlife in our area, we basically live in the woods outside Chicago, so there are a lot of opportunities to run into animals.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I take in stray cats and dogs.
LoveBug721 LoveBug721
underHim underHim
We got our dog from the pound, but if we didnt I am sure someone else would have, he was so cute as a puppy.
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
yes a cat that had 6 kittens, we kept the mother and one baby
Beck Beck
I had pet Raccoons because Mama was ran over and they were hanging around her. We stopped the car and they came right up to us. We had George and Cooper for about 6 weeks before it was time to take them somewhere where they could venture off into the world. A close friend of a friend of mine had been feeding the local raccoons in the area, so she took them in. She set them free in her back yard. the last I heard George was a fat beefy boy who took off eventually and my Cooper still hangs around because he has a family.

I have also found tiny bunnies were we bottle feed them. Only had one out of the four survive. They were the size of small mice when we found them. Mom never came back for them.

We have also found baby birds, frogs, Salamanders, and all kinds of animals. The Luxury of living out in the sticks! You get to be one with nature and they end up in your backyard. We even had bears in the woods growing up. Luckily I never saw one. I did see a red fox once and a white dear.

Can you tell I have a soft spot for animals?
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Yes - all of our pets as kids were rescued. We just lost our latest pound-puppy after 13+ years. Sad to lose the old girl - but we're not likely to get another pet.
Various Various
Yes. There was an itty bitty dachshund that someone had tied to their front porch by a really long thick rope. You could literally see every bone in his body, including the ones in his tail. He had no fur on his ears, neck, legs or tail and he was filthy. Without asking I walked up there untied him and took him home. I had him for the about 8 years after that. His hair grew back everywhere except his tail which always looked like a rats tail, and he got fat like a little football. He was probably the best dog I've ever had, and I don't even really like dogs.
puppylove puppylove
Oh yes, I have a dog that was a stray that I took in. I have bottle feed and fostered MANY baby kittens and puppies. I have taken in sick animals relinquished by their owners and fostered and re-homed. I work as an ER vet tech so I get to help lots of animals, I love my job.
js250 js250
We have rescued all but two of our animals that we have had over the years. Usually they are strays that we have taken in and nurtured back to health. However, we have had a few that were too far gone and that was heartbreaking.
adam71 adam71
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
I'm involved in cat rescue and the ASPCA. I haven't done anything dramatic, but have fostered, fed, walked, and taken pictures of animals to help them find their forever homes, and have two cats of my own - one from craigslist and one from a shelter.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Only a few, but the ones that come to mind are the two baby squirrels my mother and I rescued when I was little (their mother had fallen off a branch and her skull cracked on the curb of the sidewalk so the two babies were just sitting beside her body mourning the loss of her, we scooped them up before they could wander into traffic and get hit by a car and brought them to a local animal rescue and rehabilitation place where they eventually got released back into the wild as adults) and an opossum that got stuck at the bottom of my neighbors garbage bin somehow, I tipped the contents of the bin out and set up a little temporary shelter for the cute little guy (or girl, didn't want to check and piss it off) out of our empty recycling bin so he could get out of the pouring rain that day and stuck an apple in there it too so it'd have a snack. ^_^
angiem32 angiem32
Yeah. I saved a pigeon once when he hurt his wing. We fed it and kept it in a cardboard box and kept it warm for a few days then we let it fly away when it was better. It was a really good feeling I'd lvoe to do more work for the prevention of cruelty to animals if i could
Raigne Raigne
Our dog is a puppy mill rescue. I spent days looking for hamsters on craigslist and at our local shelters before I got mine.
michael scofield michael scofield
caught a cat from the street it wasnt new born but she was a kitten still just a few months. she ran from me and was quick but luckily i caught her by her tail. she was very skinny and straving. she ate like a hog and got really fat within a shotrt amount a time. i saved her!
ghalik ghalik
Yes, tons.
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