Have you ever told someone that they smell?

Have you ever told someone that they smell?

Terri69 Terri69
A co-worker has a very bad smell to the point that it is an issue. She was given a BIG basket for her birthday with soaps and lotions...but didn't take the hint.
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lisasharrer lisasharrer
Originally posted by Terri69
A co-worker has a very bad smell to the point that it is an issue. She was given a BIG basket for her birthday with soaps and lotions...but didn't take the hint.
yes but was very nice about it
P'Gell P'Gell
Not an other adult.

I've told my kids, when they were adolescents, "Hon, you really need a shower. OK?" Young adolescents sometimes don't realize they need very frequent showers.

But, other adults, no, I never say anything. Maybe once in a while, after my husband has been working in the yard and he's already joking about how much he smells (which isn't much. The Man has an incredible resistance to B.O.) I'll tease him about it. But, not someone who really smelled.

Do adults who don't shower regularly don't realize? Or do they have a faulty sense of smell? I don't know.
TransMarc TransMarc
Never. I read something about diseases that makes you smell and I would me an ass to tell someone with such a disease (or just not in a stable life situation enough to take a bath, ie. just got kicked out of their home and can't join a public bath, though in that case they'd probably use their school/work bathrooms for a quick fix) that I notice one of its symptoms and mistake it for something else... Yes, I know it's really unlikely, but I fall in some unlikely categories as well.
It just *scares* me that I could say tell someone in such a situation (diseases, etc.)
Maybe I could to family members that I know well, little cousins or parents, but not anybody else.
wrmbreze wrmbreze
I am my coworkers had to do this. The person in question seemed to not know that she smelled. We had to because customers were complaining about it. I honestly have no clue what it was, kind of the smell on your clothes when you leave them in the dryer while they are damp, but it was on her whole body.. It went away for a bit but came back just as strong. I talk to her occasionally and I wonder if she has had this issue at her new job. Well one of them anyway, 1 job is Petsmart and the other is an office. She'd probably have more issue at the office, I think.

I am not sure there is a nice way to tell someone that they smell. If someone can think of one let me know, because our gift basket didn't work either.
SMichelle SMichelle

When I was a teenager, a girl I knew just smelled really, really bad...always. Everyone talked behind her back about it.

Finally, I sat down with her and had a talk with her about it. It was very difficult, but in the end, she was glad that I told her. She had no idea that she 'smelled'.
Taylor Taylor
No I've never really done this. The closest I've been to it was when me and a boyfriend were outside and sweating all day and I made a comment about how we were stinky, but I've never singled out someone and told them they smelled bad.

I might tell a close family member, but I wouldn't feel comfortable to tell a co-worker they smelled.
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
we have a smelly guy at work, wears the same clothes without washing them for a week or 2 at a time, its so nasty
underHim underHim
Other than my husband when he has smelly feet or something, no.
powerandintent powerandintent
I tell my boyfriend if he stinks, but I can't say anything to anyone else. I don't want to be offensive.
Kissy Kissy
Sure, if we are close enough. My family...
Ms. N Ms. N
Kids, yes, but not adults.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
I have this problem with my brother inlaw. He has two problems one a sever fear of water. And also his body has a very high PH. He can take a shower and come out smelling just as bad as when he went it.

It was hard to talk to him at first about it. But I finally broke the ice with conversations like. You look so nice today. Your hair is so clean.. stuff like that , to show I knew he was trying to take care of himself. Then I asked if he used a specail soap. after he said no I pointed out that I had seen on the internet that there is special soap for people with a hight ph. that broke the ice and let us talk freely about the smell and things he had done to try and take care of it.

for me. he never had done anything to try and take care of it. So we went to the doc. and with special soap and deoderant he smells a bit better. but only takes a shower once a week. He is realy terified of water.

Can you tell if your co worker appears clean and kept but just has an oder???
Beck Beck
My hubby, but only after he comes home with smelly feet! EEWWWWW!!!
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
only a couple of times
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