Healthy Snacks

Contributor: Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I am trying to get more healthy in my snack choices. What is your favorite healthy snack?
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Contributor: js250 js250
I cut fruit up into smaller bite size pieces and put them in plastic containers--then do the same with bite sized cubes of low fat mozzarella cheese.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
We do the same as js250 but we also like to cut up celery and then dip them in a cup of creamy peanut butter.
Contributor: sunflower sunflower
Originally posted by Pete's Princess
I am trying to get more healthy in my snack choices. What is your favorite healthy snack?
Fruit and vegetables. Fresh edemames in their lil pods are really good. Rice cakes are OK but check the sodium. Dry roasted edemame are ok. Sunflower seeds, cashews and almonds. Mrs. May's naturals fruit and nut cluster things, Kashi bars. Boom Chicka Pop, bagged popcorn that is 33 calories for one cup. Low calorie Laughing Cow cheese slices. They are like $4 but I go to Aldi and get cheap knockoff ones.

If you want healthy, go with fruits and vegetables for sure. I think it's such BS when people think that fruits don't taste good and processed food is the only good thing. We're taught that attitude from when we're kids but fruit is naturally flavorful and there are so many kinds. I like cherry tomatoes, peaches, plums, avocados, spinach (I used to eat it straight out of the bag like it was popcorn while I watched movies), cantaloupe, green peppers, celery, etc.

It depends if you want a high protein snack or a low calorie junk food. Peanut butter and nuts are higher calorie but because of all the protein they'll stick to your ribs. Check for some low sodium nuts as well.
Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
Fruits and veggies will always win. If you want something salty and crunchy, you can't go wrong with air popped popcorn. Buy plain kernels and you can pop them in an air popper. If you don't have an air popper, they pop well in a brown paper lunch bag if you add a small amount of olive oil. The great thing about air popped popcorn is that you get to choose how much butter/oil/salt/season ing goes on it. I love to get creative with my popcorn. My favorite? Drizzle some chili infused macadamia nut oil over warm popcorn and sprinkle on some cayenne pepper. So spicy and delicious.
Contributor: K101 K101
Originally posted by Pete's Princess
I am trying to get more healthy in my snack choices. What is your favorite healthy snack?
Well, I like to use Mila or just chia seeds (although I prefer Mila. Like the taste). If you're really hungry or wanting actual food, though, it won't cut it. So in that case, adding two scoops to a milkshake or other type of filling drink is really amazing! It is satisfying and definitely helps keep the cravings down as well as extremely healthy.

My mom likes those Special K cereal bars. I've had them and think they taste pretty good, but aren't filling at all and I don't know that the ingredients are necessarily super healthy. But she does like them.

I love any kind of fruit -- add peanut butter or a little chocolate and it's delicious! I also like cacao nibs, but only sometimes. They aren't super filling, but make a nice treat when I want some chocolate. However, sometimes I just want some chocolate. Lol.

One of my favorite snacks, fruit-wise is raisins. They're sweet, somewhat filling, and healthy.

These organic bagel things too. They're called Nature's something. I don't remember, but they have raisins in them. It's the raisin cinnamon kind, but it's not as sweet and cinnamony as the regular store-bought raisin bread. They're pretty good though and don't taste like plain, boring bagels. I like to add a very small amount of Nutella to one side of the bagel and just eat it. It works pretty nicely and is healthy.

Also, vegetable trays with a ranch or other type of dip in the middle. They are good because they're healthy and you can just snack away! I like adding baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc.

Oh, how could I forget -- cucumber sandwich slices with cucumber slices (of course) and a delicious garlic spread made from roasted garlic cloves. It's pretty quick and easy and tastes amazing, especially at the pool! It's one of my favorite by-the-pool snacks. I like to add a little mayo to mine.

And another favorite: nuts! I love cashews and almonds so much. I also like peanuts. You could easily grow some peanuts yourself if you have the time. It takes a while to get a bunch. Not that I've ever grown them, but have wanted to. I love nuts though, as an any time throughout the day and night snack. My SO likes pistachios, but they are so expensive & I burned out on them years ago, so they're the only ones I don't eat much of. Otherwise, I can just eat a handful of cashews, almonds, pecans or peanuts (or any other nut) throughout the day and night and find that to be a healthy way of snacking, and not having super-duper cravings all night too.

Back to the chia seeds or Mila. I have one scoop of Mila when I wake up -- I like them just by theirselves even. Then one scoop later in a salad (which is another healthy snack, especially healthy since Mila is a superfood) or by itself or in a drink. I really like them.
I try to do two scoops a day, which I do just fine unless I forget. It helps some people to manage their eating a little too. Before I got Mila though, I'd just get a handful of chia seeds and eat them. They weren't as satisfying to me, though.
Contributor: KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
Fruit, veggies, and nuts! I buy the smaller bags of plain almonds and munch on those.