Question about Section 8 Housing

Question about Section 8 Housing

A.noel A.noel
My sister moved out to an apartment with her boyfriend a year ago. They broke up after 6 months but continued living together until their lease ran out. So now my sister has moved back in with my mom and I and her ex comes and stays the night because he has no where else to go.
His family doesn't have room for him and my sister feels bad telling him he can't stay here, but my mom is not comfortable with this situation.

So I have started looking up section 8 housing and other options for him but its all so confusing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help him find an apartment or somewhere to stay?
We don't want to put him out on the street, but he is no longer dating my sister and he has also known they were moving out of their apartment for at least 5 months, and he has done nothing to find some place to live.

It is an upsetting situation and I was just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions.
If I haven't explained well enough I apologize.
Thanks for reading!
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Beck Beck
Single people usually don't qualify for section 8 or housing. Usually the only way you can is if you are disabled or something along those lines. He's just going to have to find something. And someone is going to have to be the bearer of bad news.

I'd tell him to start looking for a place to live and give him a certain amount of time. I'm sure he will find something.
A.noel A.noel
Originally posted by Beck
Single people usually don't qualify for section 8 or housing. Usually the only way you can is if you are disabled or something along those lines. He's just going to have to find something. And someone is going to have to be the bearer of bad ...
Oh I didn't realize that. Thanks!!
Peggi Peggi
There are homeless shelters he can look into, if he is desperate, but he could also try charity organizations like Salvation Army. If he is religious, often churches will help out with shelter, food, the important things. If he has any money at all, food pantries can also help with supplies.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
It is posible that he can qualify for a section 8 apartment. many of these aprartmet complexes are simply for those who are low income and not based on children or disablitly. Although, there are often long waiting lists.

It maybe possible to get him into a progream with the salvation army, they often have programs for the homeless.

Also ck with your local cathlic church. depending on what area you live in or how big the city is they often have shelters also.

another thing you can do is contact dhs. they will often know of programs or orginzations in the area.

Another idea is to talk to him about the posibilty of spreading himself between friends house. spend a night here, antother night there, and so on. this way he is not a burden to only one family.

I hope some of this helps a little. good luck.

oh i just thought. depending on how old he is.. the job corps maybe an option of him. they will train you and give you housing.
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles


it is very hard for a male too get housing unless disabled.
salvation army, the Y, Catholic charities of america
EvilHomer EvilHomer
I am unclear on the facts. Is he out of work/cannot afford anywhere to stay? Or is he just lazy and hasn't been looking/found a place that is up to his standards? (I am confused because section 8 is low income housing assistance, but then you say he knew he was moving and made no arrangements).

If he can afford ANY place I would have no problem telling him to leave, regardless of whether he had it lined up or not (maybe a day or two if I liked the guy, felt safe, ect). Only if he could not afford to get any place would I consider starting down the path you are on.
A.noel A.noel
He has a job, and is in the National Guard.
He is pretty much just lazy I guess.
He doesn't have any disabilities.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

He could possibly afford a very cheap apartment, he just hasn't looked.
And after posting this i talked with my sister and his brother has offered to let him stay with him, he just chooses not to because he knows his brother will want rides and money.

The big reason my mom has let him stay is that it has been so hot, and she feels bad thinking he would just sleep in his car.

But after reading your comments, I think we are just going to have to tell him he can no longer stay. He does have the means to get an apartment, but for whatever reason he hasn't.

You can only help someone who wants to help themselves I guess.
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