Hot Topic (I made a pun there). "Global Warming"? Really?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, a few years ago it was "soon to be the next ice age" and the planet was going to freeze (honest. when I was in college, that was the big "environmental" warning). Then recently we have had "global warming". Of course, as data mounts that things are getting colder...not hotter (like the ship full of "scientists" out to study the thinning ice shelf and getting stuck in the thickest ice in that stuck the other ice breakers trying to free them), the tune has changed to "climate change" (since you can use that moniker no matter what is happening).


So, in the face of the huge freezes hitting the planet this past two years (snow in the middle east, record cold all over the USA)...etc, are you still buying into "Global Warming"?

Don't go bonkers on me, I am just asking. Honest question we had some HEATED discussions about at work.

What do you think about it all?
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Contributor: smalltalkingbit smalltalkingbit
Originally posted by Bignuf
Okay, a few years ago it was "soon to be the next ice age" and the planet was going to freeze (honest. when I was in college, that was the big "environmental" warning). Then recently we have had "global warming". Of ...
I appreciate the puns.

I still buy into global warming since the average worldwide temperature is creeping up, and the ratio of record lows to record highs still points in that same direction. My mom pointed me to an article a few days ago that talked about the ice shelf and it went on to explain that while the ice shelf is expanding, the land ice is decreasing, which leads to higher water levels, which leads to a hot mess in many places around the globe.

I'm in the middle of the deep freeze (-18 outside, -40 windchill) and online and in-person conversations led me to google away at the relationship between record lows and global warming. The best answer I found that supported global warming was that the overall decline of Arctic sea ice can cause unpredictable weather patterns. The best answer I found refuting it is that there's not a clear link between the two.
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I definitely think that "global warming" is a misnomer. I remember the first time I heard about the hole in the Ozone layer and how it was this big, huge honking deal and we were all going to die from UV exposure. And then it slowly, and somewhat magically, started to heal itself. Perhaps the changes in the laws here aided in that, but if you look at China that doesn't make any sense. (Most polluted country on the planet...)

Here's what I think is REALLY going on:

Global warming, climate change, erractic weather patterns -- whatever the hell you want to call them are nothing more than Mother Nature taking care of herself. She's fixing some of the damages we've created and shaking things up a little bit. In the long run, regardless of whether or not we as a species survive, the Earth will still be here and still be doing its thing. Its thing is producing more life that will inevitably adapt to its surroundings for if it doesn't, it shall perish.

I try not to put any more thought into it than that, because if I did I'd never research another thing in my life. I'd be stuck to my chair analyzing weather patterns and soil samples and the like, the subject is that deep and that rich with information.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I think these issues haven't been researched much in the past. in the recent years, research has picked up. I don't think scientists have an exact science to determine either condition. and the fact that when research for one condition is being done while the opposite condition is being experienced further proves scientists are in the dark about what's really going on. mostly likely what's happening is the give & take of these extreme conditions as have happened over many years.