How long are HIGH END toys, with rechargers, expected to last?

How long are HIGH END toys, with rechargers, expected to last?

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I have just started replacing my tossed out (dangerous material) jelly toys, with premium, high end adult toys, made of "safer stuff". However, almost all of these high end toys are RECHARGEABLE, and yet not one has a design that allows battery replacement.

Since I own some very high end tools with Lithium Ion batteries, I KNOW these still go dead after about 500 charges. I also own a number of NiCad tools and not only do those batteries develop "memory", allowing them to NOT hold a full charge, but they only get about 200 to 300 charges, at best.

I see NOTHING about if these adult toys are Lithium or Nicad powered, or an expected life span on their batteries.

Does anyone know what to expect of these "high end toys"? Once they don't hold a charge, is it just "into the trash" with them (since you should NOT dispose of these rechargeable batteries that way.....but I am not sure the "recycle tools bin" at the Home Depot wants one of these toys there either!!!!!???)

What is YOUR experience?
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In my experience, a lot of the batteries tend to be lithium ion batteries. Depending on the frequency of your use, I've heard of some lasting for years at this point, but some people manage to burn theirs out relatively quickly. In my personal experience again, I haven't managed to burn out a toy yet, although mine don't get heavy use. I would expect at least 2 years out of mine, and I hadn't thought about what to do once they didn't work anymore. I'd probably have thrown them out, even though I know it's bad, because I don't know where else to send them.
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