How long has it been since youve thrown up?

How long has it been since youve thrown up?

Falsepast Falsepast
Its been years for me.
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K101 K101
Ha Ha! I thought I was the only person who kept track of this. Lol. Since the beginning of my teen years, I had severe stomach troubles (mostly due to endometriosis which was accompanied by IBS) so I've only recently started to actually live my life. Anyways, I'm so proud to say that I've only thrown up 2 times in nearly 2 years! Yipee! There have been many times where I would've been happy to just vomit and get it over with, but ended up lying in pain for hours straight That was due to the stomach problems though. The last time I threw up it just came out of nowhere. I felt awful, threw up, slept a few hours then woke up a new person! Lol. That hasn't ever happened to me before. Usually if I throw up, It'll be at least a day before I feel like moving again. I used to say that the worst things in the world were severe, constant stomach troubles and losing someone you love. It was really so bad (and often!) for me that I felt it was almost as painful as losing a loved one. So glad I'm better now. I hope I don't ever get sick again.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I can't recall exactly but it's been at least three or four years. I rarely vomit unless I have a bad cold or I eat something that disagrees with my stomach.
Eliyahu Eliyahu
It's only been a couple of days for me. I'm used to it, though...but usually zofran keeps it in check (though now my insurance is changing, and I'm neither pregnant nor a chemo patient, I'll likely have to go through the maddening process of having to appeal to my new insurance company to cover more than a few days worth per month of it...).
Ghost Ghost
Years. I hardly ever throw up, thank goodness.
lacybutton lacybutton
I had a nasty stomach bug in January that had me puking all day, and a touch of food poisoning last summer that was the same, but before those it had been years.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Over two years. I usually go quite a while in between instances of vomiting, thank goodness, though I have chronic nausea (most likely caused by IBS), which is extremely annoying since I'm often not sure if I need to throw up or not.

I don't know how anybody can do the whole "go out and get so blasted that you vomit at least once a weekend" thing that some of my old coworkers did.
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
About five years. Thank goodness.
Zombirella Zombirella
I just did last week. I have bad acid reflux. I've been to the doctor, had tests run and they can't seem to find the reason behind it So I'm stuck with it. There are times that I force myself to throw up to get relief. I've just learned to kind of cut my air off and gag a little to do it. It isn't fun but even with medication it just seems to be the ONLY way I can get the burning to stop or upset stomach/nausea.
Mwar Mwar
About a year ago. That's when I discovered I had acid reflux.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
A few hours ago. Nasty infection causing pain and nausea.

Before that, it was about six months. Since I'm a recovering bulimic/anorexic, this is pretty good.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
A couple weeks ago. I had the 24 hour flu bug.
It's been months. The last time was because I got randomly sick in the middle of the night after eating too much fruit.
ghalik ghalik
About 2 years. I'm still unable to drink what caused it.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I honestly can't remember, thankfully! Been a while...
JackRaiden JackRaiden
A very long while, years. Stomach virus usually gets me, but haven't caught one in a while. Strong gag reflex hasn't got me either.
Jul!a Jul!a
I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was from drinking too much. Oops.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
Originally posted by Falsepast
Its been years for me.
i think it was a year and a half ago, in the wintertime. i was working a really shit job, especially for someone with my education, i was going through some horrible depression, and my boyfriend and i went out and i got too drunk.

i ended up getting mad at him leaving the bar and walking off into the woods, sobbing like a maniac.

when i finally came back i threw up just to make myself feel different. i've never been bulimic or anything. just wanted to feel different, i felt so fucking horrible.
CindyH CindyH
not sure but has been awhile don'y keep track of things like that
Taylor Taylor
about a month ago, I either got the flu or food poisoning. I'm not sure which it was, but it was awful.
Jordan B Jordan B
St Patty's weekend. Too much drinking...
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