How many of you have dealt with the "Terrible Twos"? Experienced advice wanted...

Contributor: kaykay0427 kaykay0427
My son just turned 2 a few weeks ago and He is constantly throwing temper tantrums and throwing things and hitting me. He doesn't want to eat anymore because he just wants to play and pay attention to other things. He WILL NOT sleep without me taking him for a ride in the car. I also need to attempt to take his binky away soon so that's just going to add to his rebellion. I'm at my wits end! I am willing to take any advice on how to calm the madness.

The father is living with us but his priorities are completely fucked up. If he's not working doing roofing and siding Which is completely random. Somedays he is working normal 8-5, somedays it's earlier, somedays it's way later, Somedays it's raining and he's not working, And he doesn't work at all during the winter. If he has any free time he sleeps until noon and the day is always doing what he wants. There has never been a day, since he was born, where he has watched the baby for more than 3 hours. I love him and he treats us great, when he's around. Every time I confront him he says that I'm always nagging him and that he's done with this. He never wants to hear what i have to say. He always uses the fact that I don't have a job everytime we fight, but he always tells me that I don't need to get a job just take care of the baby, the house, and all the paperwork. He doesn't realize how much is involved with those three things. What should I do? just suck it up, leave him, or keep telling him how I feel about everything. I don't want my son not to know his father.
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Contributor: js250 js250
Wow--I remember those days!! It sounds similar to my first marriage but with less of the hassles and all the responsibilities. As far as the relationship, that is going to have to be a decision only you can make. You can try taking it slow and just giving him one small bit of time per day with the child or a household job....

For the terrible two's--there are many opinions out there, lol!! Your son is figuring out he is not attached to you by a mysterious method. He is asserting his independence in the only way he has figured out how. Doesn't make it easier for you, but choose your battles. With my daughter I withheld a favorite treat or activity that was happening at the time. Yes, she cried and threw a fit--but she was anyways. Once she learned that by throwing a fit--her favorite thing was going to either take longer or be gone--it really cut down. Also, at the grocery store--I gave her the option of choosing any three things she wanted. (Thank goodness kids do not like caviar and prime rib!!) That cut down on tantrums at the store. If she had one, I would leave the cart and take her home. Then go back and get the groceries minus her items. That happened twice, she wanted her stuff!!!

Good luck, this age can be hard on you but the love from those little ones makes it all worthwhile!@!!