How much do you feel gasoline should cost?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
In some South American nations, gas is less then a dollar. In Europe, gas has been much higher then in the USA for many years. Some people want gas to be over $10 a gallon to "wean us off fossil fuel". Others feel gas could be under $2, if we really accessed our current reserves.

So, my question is simple. You can elaborate on your reason for your choice if you wish, but whatever your thought, my question is.."how much do you feel gas should cost"?
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Under $1 a gallon.
Move then ten dollars a gallon.
Total votes: 9 (9 voters)
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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I remember when gas was one dollar or so the economy was much better. Even at two. As prices went up so did everything else. Person started going out less and spending less. It was psychological. Few dollars x size your tank is that much but in one's mind it is. That is what I noticed.

I know I'm a little off the question .

If the price of gas goes to $10, it will really hurt the economy. All businesses want to make money and the same money. If they make less they will cut payroll and raise prices, whatever it takes to maintain their status quo.

Publicly held companies have to keep up their stock price so they will do the same.

I do however own gas stocks in Mutual Funds. If you can't beat them, join them.
Contributor: cmm cmm
IMO gasoline prices shouldn't be subsidized by the government at all.
Contributor: C&K0143 C&K0143
Gas prices should be decided by the free market only. - C&K
Contributor: bellaapple23 bellaapple23
I really don't think we should be using gasoline at all at this point. It's time to move on to another source of energy, we have the technology we just need to implement it.
Contributor: HostileUmbrella HostileUmbrella
I think the Patent system in the USA needs some reviewing... I know there are a few ideas out there that are unfortunately blocked by Patents because automobile manufacturers don't want to implement change.