How one dresses?

How one dresses?

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
How important is it how others dress?

How important is it how you dress?

Do name brands matter?

How important is fashion overall?
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pestilence pestilence
I don't usually judge people for how they dress unless they obviously put some effort into being fashionable - there's people who just buy clothes for their functionality and I respect that. But if someone's wearing something too horrible for any level of irony to redeem it, or if they're wearing jeans so tight I can see the seams of their underwear, hell yeah I'm gonna judge them.

Right now I don't put too much effort into how I dress - I've got a pair of nice jeans that I love but I'll still wear my old crap ones, and I have way too many T-shirts to really invest much into being fashionable at the moment. I'm still looking into a good alternative to the zip hoodie that can be opened in the front (I can't stand pullover things). Maybe I'll finally find a nice button-up cardigan.

Brands definitely don't matter at all to me, and I'm not too invested in the fashion industry, though I like some of the current models (Andrej Pejic, Cole Mohr and Rick Genest, to be precise).
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm a big fan of non-printed tops and plain pants/shorts. I'm not a billboard for a name and don't want to wear the same shirt as everyone else.

I really prefer to let the person speak for themselves. I think people can be as much, if not more, fashionable with prints and solids. I also don't understand high-heels. If they hurt your feet, why wear them?
Beck Beck
I prefer a more relaxed style of dress for myself and my partners. I stick to my rock T's and my black jeans and my hubby is the same.

I don't by brand name anything unless you consider Joe Boxer a brand name.

I have two cousins who won't wear anything but South pole and Nike shoes, well that is great when mom pays for it, but when you actually grow up and realize there are more important things, check back to me.

I am with you Jr, I don't understand heals.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Fashion is not important to me at all. I have my own little style. I may look at someone and say oh that looks nice on that person.

I am a shoe fan. I love heels. When I was younger I could wear them all the time. Now I just wear them when I go out.
RomanticGoth RomanticGoth
I don't really care what i'm wearing as long as it is black or jewel toned. I don't really care for brand names except for when it comes to shoes. I am a Fluevog addict!

I have to buy my guy's clothes otherwise he'd wear his work uniform all the time! Eww...
- Kira - - Kira -
I'm guilty of judging people on their clothes. However, I'm open to a range of clothing types. If you look like you just rolled out the bed and grabbed stuff off the ground, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're not even trying.

How I dress is very important to me. I have fashionable work clothes for work, jeans and graphic tees for when I want to be really casual, and skirts with nice tops/dresses for when we go out.

I shop for nice clothes based on brand. I usually buy clothes at Express for that because I can't blow $150 every time I want a shirt. I just have way too many clothes. I do happily spend $200+ on jeans because I can't stand uncomfortable jeans. For casual things, I just buy whatever catches my eye. Some are brand name and some aren't.

I try to keep up with fashion, but tend to buy things that I think I'll be able to wear longer than one season. I think looking nice and up to date is good to do.

As for the heels issue - I CANNOT walk in flats. Like, I trip all over myself and look clumsy and awkward. I have some DC shoes that I can wear because of the grips, but any other flat shoe and I'm all over the place. I wear heels 95% of the time.
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