How Saggy is Too Saggy?

How Saggy is Too Saggy?

Sammi Sammi
I thought the saggy pants craze was kinda over, but today, a college football player was arrested by police when he wouldn't leave a US Airways flight - because he wouldn't pull up his pants. Apparently they were so low his penis was almost visible. He's being charged with misdemeanors for trespassing and resisting arrest. The full story is here.

I'm surprised, if they thought he was indecent, that they charged him with trespassing and not something else. What do you think?
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potstickers potstickers
My guess is that he couldn't quite be charged with indecency, so they charged him for not leaving the flight, ie trespassing.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Well, indecent exposure could lead further, more severe penalties. If he got a bad judge, he could be put on the sex offender's list. Maybe the cops, realising it was a simple accident, didn't give that particular charge to avoid such a thing.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
See I have seen guys here with them around their knees.. I am not even kidding. They walk so stupid trying to hold these pants it is ridiculous. I want to just pants them all when I see it but I figure it wont make a difference.

Thankfully they all have boxers on that are at a proper height and long shirts.

I read in the paper that somewhere (I want to say in europe? maybe UK? I would have to go find it) that there is a country now charging for this. I think it is great and I wish more places would do the same.
P'Gell P'Gell
When you are on an airplane, the "Law" is the pilot. The Flight Crew has almost unlimited authority to ask someone to comply with their requests. If they ask you to leave the plane, you LEAVE! No questions asked.

How hard would it have been for him to just pull his dang pants up? I honestly have NO desire to see sleazy guys' penises or asscracks, ever! I guess he has a "right" to walk around like that, as long as he is not indecent. But, evidently the pants were low enough to come close to indecency.

Because of this jerk, the plane was an hour late, messing up the plans of more than 100 people.

How hard would it have been for this brainless moron to just pull his pants up? Temporarily. There is NO health reason to have to wear one's pants like this. Does he (and everyone who walks around like this) really think his "right"" ; ; to look like a total idiot trumps the rights of everyone else on the plane? Intelligent people know when to choose their battles.

This kind of moronic stubbornness irks me. How important IS it to have to insist one looks like an idiot at all times? I don't get it, his refusal to simply pull up his pants impacted every person on that flight as well as everyone who was waiting for them on the other side.
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