I Love today because... I Hate today because...

I Love today because... I Hate today because...

js250 js250
We all have those days. We either love them or hate them due to events that occurred. Here is a bit of a twist on that.

Give us a reason you loved today AND one why you hated today. Some of us may have to dig a bit--I did--but all in all, the day always looks better when you can create a balance.
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js250 js250
I hate today because the scar along my breast was hurting and obvious. I could not wear my bra today. I ended up giving up one of my volunteer jobs because my heart is not in it anymore--I cannot feel compassion for some of the business owners I dealt with.

I love today because of my granddaughter's smile and hugs, my daughter's love and friendship and because I still have my two real boobs. (Vain, yes--but my boobs are important to me. I just figured this out when I was possibly going to lose one of them...lol!!)
BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
I love today because it's my day off work. I took a long bath, indulged in an alcoholic beverage before noon... just because.

I hate today because it was raining, there's a ton of snow on the ground and I am so ready for spring. And because EF has not yet processed my order for my Stronic Drei which I placed yesterday morning. I mean, it's confirmed, but hasn't been sent yet and I want it on its way to me like, yesterday... lol.
edeneve edeneve
I love today because I spent 2 straight hours drawing.

I hate today because I missed some of the Olympic games.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Let's start with yesterday (2/19)

I hated yesterday because my boyfriend is still blocking me from the important parts of his life.

I loved yesterday because his aunt told me not to give up on him if I really love him.

So far today:

I hate today because I feel such anger and resentment towards him.

I love today because it is my day off and I can get some things cleaned up.
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