I'm not even sure what topic to put, but I'm scared right now and coming to ya'll for help!

I'm not even sure what topic to put, but I'm scared right now and coming to ya'll for help!

K101 K101
Sorry for the strange topic, but I'm in a mini-crisis right now! I'm back home with my dad for the night because my parents went out of town and my twin sister and I had been taking turns keeping watch of the house while they were gone.

This strange shi* started earlier today. Before work, I stopped at the tanning bed and my sister called and said she was leaving my parent's house, so I stopped in before leaving for the evening. My partner and I were walking up the porch when we saw her (my sis) and a guy with no shirt, high as hell sittin' on my parent's porch. It startled me because there were no cars in the driveway so I didn't see or notice anyone was here. I asked if everything was OK.

I was waiting for the dude to leave before I took off for work the drunk, high as hell guy keeps talking. It was clear how high and drunk he was. He eventually left and so we did too.

I came in late and a while ago, my parents got back from their trip. It's 1AM now and just a few minutes ago there was this awful POUNDING on the doors! It was outrageous. I actually thought it was a tornado and jumped up in a panic. Literally about 2 minutes before the pounding happened, I was out on the porch letting the pets in! When I went to see if some horrible disaster was happening, I saw my dad sling the door open and yell. He closed the door so I did not hear much of what was said, but it wasn't pretty. The banging was so scary!

I assumed it was this guy my sister had over earlier today and she had just been on the phone with him right at dark time telling him she was staying at our parent's house tonight because the guy wanted to stay with her, at her house and her and her boyfriend were going to be there tonight--not a good situation. I told her that she doesn't need to tell him that she's staying at my parent's because he'll show up and he doesn't need to be there all high and shi*. She didn't want him going to her house and her boyfriend getting mad so, that's why I assumed it was him banging like a mad man.

My dad came back and told me that it was this old man, a man I don't know, but my dad knew of him, just didn't know him well. He knew his name though. We had no idea what the guy wanted, but he was wasted and just randomly bangs on ours doors at 1AM. He didn't have a vehicle out there so I assume he walked.

I called my sister and told her I thought her friend was here acting really crazy, banging on the doors. That was before my dad told me the guy's name. Turns out the old man was looking for my sister! Somewhere along all this mess, this old man had been driving around the high guy who was at the house earlier.

So now my sister is telling me, on the phone that this old man is crazy. Great! I'm scared. I am afraid he will come back or that he never left. He was walking and I had my partner drive up and down the road to look for anybody. My sister and her boyfriend are doing the same right now, but well, it's kind of hard to be on the lookout if you're high as hell too.

Anyways, wow! I got the lights scared out of me. I don't understand yet why the man was here and so angrily looking for my sister. I'm worried about him coming back and doing something dangerous. My sister says he walks the roads drunk all the time.

What would ya'll do? Would you freak if some strange drunk person about banged your doors down at 1AM? I've never heard such loud pounding in my life. Like I said, I was expecting a tornado! I hate being scared, but my sister gets involved with a lot of... bad people and I don't know what they're capable of. She had a lot of people over while it was her turn to "house sit" and while I was at my Lovie's place or work.

I figure I'll be up all night anyway, since I was working on my novel, but now I'm so scared! Am I just paranoid? I don't know if this man would be scared off or if he's the type who'd come right back for revenge. My dad made it overly clear that he wasn't happy about the doors being beat on. Maybe the guy will be scared to come back. From what my sis says, he's crazy and a major, major theif!

Have you guys ever had anything like this happened? If so, what on earth did you do? How would you react? Sorry, I'm just freaked out and it helps to come here and hear different people's suggestions. I so hate that she gets bad people around our family. It's been this way for years, but never anything really horrible happened. We usually manage to run people off. She's always had rough people show up at all of our houses. The other day she had some weird friends come by my house asking for a drink! I didn't know them, but she did and they too are theives. Apparently the car load asking for a drink are related to the old man who was just pounding our doors. SCARY!
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js250 js250
Huge hugs!!! I know it has to be very hard on you and your family to have to go through this and watch someone you love go through life on a rough road. I admire you for staying strong and not abandoning your sister!!

I am glad your parents are there with you, just keep your phone close in case they do come back. Than just call the cops and let them take care of the issue with that guy.

I am praying for you and your family's safety and also for your sister--she needs to find her inner peace and let go of whatever is haunting her. Keep posting on here and PLEASE let us know in the morning that you and your parents are okay!!!

Huge hugs, my thoughts and many prayers!!!
Peggi Peggi
Personally I think you should involve the police if you're actually afraid for your physical safety and for your parents property.

We've never had anything THAT crazy happen, but we did have a drunk/high girl wander into our yard after being beaten up at a crazy party which she claimed to NOT remember the location of and didn't want to say who did it, just that her friends ditched her there. She was in our yard just rummaging through our stuff, but when we went outside it was obvious she was on something and had been roughed around a bit.

We also have some neighbors 2 doors down who I don't particularly like, they have wild parties that have led to some VERY scary stuff! We've called cops on them several times, once involving a girl getting dragged a couple houses down by her hair and literally THROWN into a car, having 20-30 guys standing in the street shoving each other, it's pretty scary. And we're sure they shot one of our dogs with a bb gun because they are always so cautious and look RIGHT at their house when going in the back yard!

I'm really sorry you're going through this right now, and I hope that you and your family will be safe! I hope your sister learned her lesson to not let people like that come near your families home! That is SO dangerous! I don't even like to tell my friends who associate with people like that what my address is, because I never know what they might do!

But my only suggestion is if you ARE afraid, call the police, maybe they can look for the guy, and if your dad knows him, maybe they can at least take him in til he sobers up! Unfortunately, you don't want to have him do anything in retaliation so maybe clue them in to keep your names out of it for your own safety.

You can also probably buy some mace or something at your local police station for protection.
Zombirella Zombirella
I don't trust people at all. I seriously would call the police if anyone is back where they don't belong. It's better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn't open the door for anyone again either. If the dogs stay in the yard I wouldn't do out with them at night.
That really is disrespectful that your sister would bring trashy, seedy people around your family! I don't mean to offend but I just can't fathom putting anyone else in danger.
Seriously, call the police!!
Ryuson Ryuson
If they come around again I would totally call the poliece, that's just scary and wrong. Your sister should also not be having ANYONE unapproved over when she house-sits, especially if they're known to be part of a 'bad crowd.' It's not just bad manners, but it endangers everyone there.

I personally haven't had something LIKE this happen, but I have had SEVERAL different scumbags that my mum has let live with us over the years steal tons of money from me. The most creepy one was the worst because it was in a small emergency box way under my bed... With condoms and sex toys in plain sight in my room! Luckily I'm moving back this summer and never coming back, mainly because I don't feel safe with my mum's antics.

I know how scary things like this can be, but keep in mind that that's what the law enforcement is for. You pay them every time you get your paycheck docked for taxes, so don't feel afraid to use them!
Antipova Antipova
Eep! I'm sorry all this has been happening---I would not be much of a fan at all. Good thing your parents made it home! And I hope they make a little better choice about house-sitting next time---sounds like the place would be safer left alone than left in the hands of people whose friends are thieves
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I haven't had anything like this happen to us, but I would call the cops if it ever happened again.
legna legna
I am sorry about all that happening to you. I have been in a house where that has happened. I took a self defense class so that I would be prepared for a situation to where if something bad ever did come of it. In a situation like that, it would make me mad enough that the anger would over ride being scared and I would end up whooping someone's rear end cuz they would end up scaring my kids and I have always been told you never want to mess with an angry mother.
Beck Beck
You can't exactly call the police without him being there again. If he shows up again you can say there is a drunk guy trespassing and creating a disturbance, but otherwise he hasn't done anything wrong per say. He was just showing up at a house that he was welcomed in. You have to have a reason for them to come out.

Personally, someone is going to have to grow some balls and tell the guy to leave and NEVER come back. You have to take a stance and tell him he isn't welcomed, because he might be under the impression he is.
P'Gell P'Gell
Ick, that's scary.

You'll have to wait until he comes back, but call the police right away as soon as he shows up.

There is no reason to mess with thieves and wasted people who don't respect your privacy. Is the house in an area where other people are close? I know where we live, it's semi-rural (despite being in Chicago area) and very very dark at night (no street lights) and I get scared when people get rowdy and run through the area at night. A few nights ago a new neighbor's girlfriend was fighting with the neighbor (who is a real piece of work, under the word "White Trash" in the dictionary, there is a picture of this asshole) and the guy was yelling that he was hurt and "dying" and My Man went over there (I didn't know this at the time, as the neighbor and his girlfriend had been fighting for 2 hours, as they do most nights lately, outside) and when My Man asked if the man was OK and if he needed help, the chick starts yelling, "SHOOT HIM. Shoot the bastard!" My Man left quickly, at the time, all I heard was yelling and her screaming her head off and swearing like crazy, so I called the police (days on end of them fighting on their front lawn, so loudly that my kid had to close her bedroom window so she wouldn't hear them) and he came home.

The cops leisurely showed up, and this woman (I'm looking out the bathroom window, because I want to make sure the cops do show up, because sometimes they simply don't do it) becomes all "reasonable" as reasonable as someone as drunk and wasted as she was could be) and then a second cruiser comes.

The thing is, the first thing the cops asked me is "Do these peole have firearms?" I didn't know, as I don't know those people. I said I wasn't sure, but the cop should be ready for anything because these people are... lovely humans. I didn't realize until My Man got home that evidently the man does have firearms. Maybe that's why they had the second cruiser come out. So much weirdness with this hot weather.

Anyway, Kendra, I'm sorry this happened to you. It is scary to have people who are that out of it around your home. I'd call the police if you even suspect they are around. I wouldn't talk to him yourself OR open the door if your father or other men aren't there. I would just be too scared to.

I hope you are safe. Do you guys have a dog that would warn you if someone starts walking near the house again? I'm always happy to have my dogs in the house and wandering the downstairs when frightening things like this happen.

Be safe, hon.
Ansley Ansley
I think everyone else has pretty much run the gambit on what to do in this situation, but the writer in me says that this would be great in your novel. Does that make me a terrible person? A lot of writers draw on real life experiences and that fear you just felt could have driven a very powerful turning point (though I don't know what kind of novel you're writing).
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