I am worried about a little rat, what do you think happened with him/her? :S

I am worried about a little rat, what do you think happened with him/her? :S

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Today I have bumped into a totally adorable looking little rat (though I find them all beautiful and totally friggin edibly cute!!! ), (s)he was right at the door outside, just hanging out in his/her cute little fuzziness, not moving a wee bit... I wondered how come (s)he didn't run away when (s)he saw me, tried to pick him/her up, (s)he tried to run away but was veryvery slow, so I could catch him/her! (Let's call the little one a he, because I think (s)he was a male...)

He was a beautiful, handful of silky fuzziness, with dark gray tail and brownish gray fur, GIANT whiskers...

Some mice or rats have been lurking around lately, they ruined some of O/our stored food, so Master put out some traps and some poison, and He said that He has never seen such a tame little wild rat (unless he was a little pet rat), letting me pick him up and hold him in my hands... (I know, you would say it is crazy, but W/we live outside of a small town and I just had the feeling that he didn't carry any diseases and stuff like that... ^^) So Master said that maybe he ate the poison, as he was just panting on the ground, and didn't try to escape from my hands at all, being all calm and totally friggin cute!

Master found it very funny how much I wanted to take him far away from U/us instead of killing him (W/we were also kidding about getting a cage to keep him, but I didn't want to keep him in such a tiny thing, he was a free little lovely rat), though He already knows very well that I would never kill any creatures and that I always pick up and take away little "pests" instead of risking their life...

So, W/we dropped into the car quick, drove for a few minutes, and I put the little one down into the grass away from the road, and he was all slow, barely walked, and I was totally worried that maybe he was indeed poisoned! Master said though that he may survive even after eating the poison...

He was such an adorably cutest little fuzzy rat with GIANT, shiny, beautiful black lil rat eyes, and I am very worried that he will die soon!

What do you think? Was he really poisoned, or is it possible that some rats/animals are just so tame sometimes? Do you think he may survive if he got poisoned? I am totally worried about him, I so very much hoped that W/we have saved him!!! ~yowls frowning and lays ears blushy
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Ghost Ghost
I think the rat was poisoned. And if you are so worried about their safety, don't put out poison. Pretty simple.
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