If any part of the "Affordable Health Care Act"already in place affected you, has it been good, bad or not at all?

If any part of the "Affordable Health Care Act"already in place affected you, has it been good, bad or not at all?

Bignuf Bignuf
If the health care law components already in place,(such as coverage for pre-existing diseases, or retained coverage till 26 on parent's policy) has already effected you in some way, has it been good, bad or no effect on you so far?
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Effected me in a good way.
Effected me in a bad way.
No effect on me so far.
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- Kira - - Kira -
Ever since this passed, my insurance jumped up in price. Not only did it go up in cost, but it covers less and has a crazy deductible. I'm happy that you can get insurance for pre-existing conditions since I have one and can't get private insurance, but since I'm covered under work plans for the time being, I'm going broke on health care. It costs me over $600 a month to see my doctors. That's INSANE.
Ansley Ansley
Ever since this passed doctors have been required by Federal law to discount services by 15% for those without insurance.

I recently had two large sections of skin on my shoulder removed over a skin cancer scare and that drop in the bottom line was a blessing for me.

The thing that pissed me off though? When we were working out the financial part of it all, they were like well even though we're doing it as one surgery we would have billed any insurance carrier for two so here's your final cost: $$$.

That is shameful and exactly the reason why this country's healthcare system is so screwed up. They bill the carriers twice the amount as they should and expect them to pay it outright. It's ridiculous.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
I got to be on my Dad's Tricare insurance for a little while before I aged out of it, but my sister has gotten completely screwed over. Apparently where she is, the first thing cut for the generally uninsured was mental health programs, and since my sister is mentally ill... she was basically told she could say she was better or be committed at a gigantic personal cost to herself.

Also, my insurance has been gaining in price steadily because my weight is considered a pre-existing condition. They snuck an extra $80 a month after they had me sign a very difficult and expensive to break two year contract, informing me that my weight was a health risk, and have been increasing the premiums every six months.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Thaks to the change, I got to have my parents insurance for a few extra years, which saved me some cash. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are exploiting it to charge extra, the same as they always do.
Michele Michele
My husband and I still don't have health insurance so I chose "other".
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