If Someone Were to Ask You To Take Pictures of Nothing in Particular....

If Someone Were to Ask You To Take Pictures of Nothing in Particular....

So, I'm not looking for help, but I'm interested in what other people would have to say about this. I'm taking a JINS (junior interdisciplinary seminar) class (graduation requirement), and an assignment that a professor asked us to do involves taking pictures of "Nothing in Particular." It's a paradox, and he told us that from day one, but the main point of the assignment is for us to "trick" ourselves into being creative by doing something differently than we would normally do.

I've finished my first silent movie and posted it on YouTube. Next week we're supposed to start taking clips of random sounds we record and presenting that. Later we'll accompany them together.

Another main point is that it is not supposed to be random. So my question is. How would you interpret taking pictures of nothing in particular, if you were expected to do so?

(I can't expect this much, but it would be cool if other people on EF did this too)
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Gallowraven Gallowraven
taking pictures of nothing in particular, that aren't random. perhaps it shouldn't be of any specific item, but have a sort of theme? like a day on the town or something. I don't think i got it. but it does sound like fun.
BadassFatass BadassFatass
What about doing it all in one day and just having it be "a day in my life". Things you encounter during a particular day that stand out to you.
buzz buzz
I would also say to do a theme of sorts. Perhaps pick a letter of the alphabet and every time you see that letter, take a picture of it. For example the letter s. You could take a picture of a stop sign, a sugar packet, a sewing machine, a slurpee machine, etc.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I tend to do this often. I'll go out and randomly but not so randomly take photos of things like textures or colors. I'm a photographer and yeah love the emotion I can bring to the dumbest objects. I actually put together a series on the textures of leaves everything from their soft buds to their crumbling death. It's completely different and became creative. Also sold very well
Rockin' Rockin'
I interpret "Nothing in Particular" to be things that aren't the conscious focus of something you're thinking about, doing, etc. For instance, say you go to a coffee shop and are sitting at a table with your coffee. A picture of nothing in particular would be the view if you turned around and looked behind you or the underside of the table.

It's a street view, no matter who is on the street, what you can see, or whether the lighting is good or not. It's the road ahead of you or behind you when someone else is driving. It's your shopping cart at the grocery store, no matter if there is one or thirty items in there, and maybe the focus is on the grocery store floor and not the cart itself. That's my interpretation.
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