In laws... I want to scream.

In laws... I want to scream.

ToyGurl ToyGurl
So I'm married. Most of you know that. Newly wed just this past summer... And my in-laws are from fucking hell! I swear, I know we're young... but must they still treat my husband like he is 15 years old?

We're paying off our new home, so they offered to take over his cell phone bill until next January. I was against it, and I offered to pay it. (We usually pay for our own things) but he said no. And with my disability, I need to be able to reach him when something goes wrong or if I'm in the hospital.

He hasn't gone to see them for about two weeks because things have been hectic with the miscarriage and my illness. They went and turned off his cell phone and called the house today to literally scold him like he's a fucking child! I went to Verizon and bought him a phone like we should have done to begin with, but when will their shit end!?!

They also come inspect our house like they own it! If the carpet looks even a tad bit dirty, they feel as if they need to recommend a cleaning company for us. We also have decided to wait for children and they wont stop talking about how we should be having children like a "normal couple".

I mean... ever since we were dating they have just despised me. What is their fucking problem!?

*Thank you. It felt good to rant.*

Feel free to share your stories.
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js250 js250
First of all, I am truly sorry about your miscarriage and illness!!! My heart goes out to you and your husband, I went through a similar experience many years ago and remember the feelings and sadness.

Your in laws sound like snobby, bossy people who do not want to let go of your husband and recognize him as an adult. Ask for his help in minimizing your contact and stand strong in not relying on them for anything.

My mother in law is a great person...when she is sober. When she is drunk she turns into a female doberman with lipstick. Otherwise known as a bitch! She has tried to break my husband and I up, even going so far as inventing men answering my phone. Of course, since my husband was with me when she called me it was kind of was her bs.

Good luck, message me if you want to let off more steam or need someone to talk to.
wrmbreze wrmbreze
I am sorry that you have to deal with that. I would advise reminding your hubby of how it makes you feel. You guys are your own family and must take care of each other.
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