Is jogging a good exercise?

Contributor: Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
I ask because I've heard it's bad on the knees. It seems that form of exercise brings the best results though. Swimming doesn't do much for me.
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Contributor: Mwar Mwar
Well, you should look up exercises based on level of impact. High impact exercises, like jogging, is rougher on your body. Swimming is low impact (which is why injured and old folks love and can do it).

Some lower impact exercises can be Yoga, step aerobics and walking.

Also, it's good to look at your family tree to see if bum knees or joints run in the family. See what body parts tend to break down in your family, and workout in a preventative way.

Hope that helps!
Contributor: libra777 libra777
I found it easier to power walk and work my way up to jogging (hopefully i will get up to regular running)

Also finding the right sneaker for me made all the difference in my life in general since i have sciatica and easily injured arches and spend the majority of the day on my feet.

I finally went with a reebok zig, They look funny but work great.
After purchasing 3 pairs i figured out the zig nano with stability
worked best for me
and really evened out my step by taking the pressure off my joints and lower back. Those sneakers can really take a beating and absorb shock.

If you care to research it, grab a pair of your most worn sneakers/shoes then look up: under pronation, over pronation and normal pronation.
Most sites have sneaker recommendations for each.

So the short version to my advice- start from your feet up.

Hope that helps!
Contributor: libra777 libra777
Duh i forgot the other part of what i was going to say!
hhmmm maybe it's coffee time LOL

I really can't say enough good things about Pilates as an over all good program for weight loss and toning which leads to my question.. why do you want to jog?
For the cardio? weight loss? something to do out of the house?

When i started pilates it was for weight loss and i did lose 60 pounds in about 5 months (would have been better results if i wasn't fighting PCOS)

But then i went on to purchase the 10 min trainer for cardio
and that made the numbers on the scale go up but it was muscle and that in turn left me capable of doing more rigorous work outs/jogging -with out injury to my knees and back.

I am no health expert but i like to believe i am knowledgeable with weight loss and jiggly parts and always glad to help if i can!

Okay..that's my blabbering of the day LOL
Contributor: jr2012 jr2012
I would say it's good if you like doing it! I love jogging almost more for the mental feeling than's the one time I can really space out and not "think". Just focus on breathing, form, and pace.

I also second the idea of finding the right shoe. I started running on some crappy shoes I bought on sale, and I had horrible pain in my knees and shins. I had to take some time off to recover, then I went to a local running store and got fitted. It sucks to drop 100+ on a pair of shoes but I really feel like it was worth it. Anyways, now that I know my perfect model (Saucony Ride 4!), I can buy them online for cheaper.

Have fun!
Contributor: Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
The type of results I'm looking for is that high you get when running and the really lean but muscular body. I love the way my ass looks when I run for awhile. Right now, aiming for awesome stomach. I don't want to have to go through knee surgery when I get older though.
Contributor: Cat E. Cat E.
Jogging is good but bad on the breasts!
Contributor: Anne Anne
I enjoy it... when I'm in shape.
Contributor: Bubba29 Bubba29
depends what your goals are. if you want to become better at running long distances, jogging is what you need to do. if you want to lose weight, tightening up your diet is the way to go. if you want to accentuate your shape, lift heavy weights.
Contributor: gsfanatic gsfanatic
It's good, but it doesn't have the best results for knees, especially if you're overweight. Biking and swimming are better cardio that puts less stress on your body
Contributor: GONE! GONE!
Well, it makes my knees hurt so I walk instead.
Contributor: Bubba29 Bubba29
New Research Says Endurance Running May Damage Health

Contributor: MrWill MrWill
Any exercise, so long as it is more than what you are doing now... is good exercise.

For all the claims of jogging being bad for you: Sunlight causes skin cancer, water drowns people and can be fatal if you drink too much, and so on and so forth.

Diet matters more than exercise ever will for weight loss. Exercise however will do more to tighten and firm up areas that are sagging or lacking. You don't have to worry about burning what you never consume.
Contributor: TheirPet TheirPet
I've had the most success with HIIT (High-Intensity-Interv al-Training) and it takes up less time out of my day but I can see the appeal of jogging for cardiovascular health.