Julep Nail Parlor/Polish

Julep Nail Parlor/Polish

CherryGryffon CherryGryffon
Have you ever heard of it?

[Right now, if you click HERE and take the quiz you see, and click to purchase the intro box, if you use code SHAREONMAY and click Maven Shipping, you can get your intro box for $0.01 and free shipping... Just saying. ;D]

I've been OBSESSED.

Like, I made little "Business" cards and left them around my neighborhood so people could be bitten by the Julep bug. xD

If you have, what style are you? What's your favourite colour?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
This is awesome, actually. I've heard a lot about this brand.
CherryGryffon CherryGryffon
Originally posted by Adriana Ravenlust
This is awesome, actually. I've heard a lot about this brand.
Have you tried it?

My intro box was a couple months ago, and the One Cent with Free Shipping is REALLY true XD

[I dunno 'bout you, but the thought of getting 2-3 polishes and/or a product for one penny, AND no shipping, is a little crazy sounding XD]

But it works!

Honestly, I was hoping to get two more people to sign up with my link, so I could get this month's polishes for free; But none of my friends wanted to, so I can't talk to them about the colours and whatnot... So I figured Eden ought to have a person or two that's heard of it! If not, mayyyybe now they will! ;D

Lol how are you?
CherryGryffon CherryGryffon
New promo code for the one penny intro box: PRETTYPENNY

SassySam SassySam
I signed up earlier today (not using your code, unfortunately, wish i'd seen it sooner) so I hope I like it.
wildshores wildshores
oh man i subscribed almost a year ago and still haven't cancelled, because you have the option of skipping any month without penalty. i've gotten a couple of boxes after my first because i liked the colors
Ivanna Ivanna
I've been a member for a while. i like the mystery boxes
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