Which Kid's television show do you hate because of a (hidden) agenda

Contributor: Eugler Eugler
There are some kid's shows which have some (hidden) agendas, not necessarily planed.
I remember a lot of cartoons of early childhood which were very sexist, presenting women as somehow stupid.

I remember the Flintstones as quite sexist, too.

And there were other sitcoms which had an agenda, like the cosby show, but I liked this one with the Huxtables.

But I hated the sitcom with Steve Urkel because of the agenda.

What do you think?
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Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
Unfortunately, for the cartoons you listed, they were a product of their time - sexism was a way of life in that era. Network executives and creators were WWII guys, interested in presenting life as it is through the lens of animation. They weren't interested in women's lib or any radical politics like equality, they were just interested in making something familiar to the audience.

Since you didn't name the "agenda" in the live action shows, I can't really grok what you mean about those. I never saw the agenda, but then sitcoms are caricatures of life and stereotypes abound to get the laughs. Fantasy has no correlation with reality - if it were true, I wouldn't get in trouble so much for my snarkiness.
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