The Mother of a SiNner The Mother of a SiNner
My daughter and husband have a connection and formed a bond over collecting knives I dont see the facination with sharp things but they love them. Anyone else collect knives or know places where i could maybe help bond withthem and grow their collections
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Gary Gary
Knives are really cool. But like anything, some people like them more than others. I do think that getting used to handling a knife as tool can be a great life skill as they are very diverse, and can come in quite handy in almost any predicament.

As a bonding activity... try flea markets. You will always find all random types of knives, and the whole thing become an adventure. Sure you can find anything under the sun on ebay, but getting up early on a Sunday morning, stopping for breakfast, and then spending a few hours walking around a flea market together is just great fun.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I love my sharp pointy things. I had to get rid of some a while ago (I couldn't keep up on them to prevent rust).

Trade shows are a good place too. They're like flea markets but usually have a whole weekend towards knives, trading cards, comics, etc.

There are two by me and I'm sure most states have a couple if you can find them.
Jaimes Jaimes
I love knives. We practice escrima, so we're always looking for good practice knives. I enjoy going to the Army Navy Surplus stores. Good collections and nice people that enjoy talking about them. They are mostly practical, few decorative.
P'Gell P'Gell
The only knives I own are my two butcher blocks of carbon steel, sharpenable Chicago Cutlery knives. We got one set for our wedding, many many years ago, and The Man's parents gave us a set (which we had given them. *sigh*) a few years ago.

I try to keep my kitchen knives in good working order, but people keep placing them in the dishwasher which is SO bad for both the wood handle and the blade.

I de-burr the blade every time I use a knife (some of my knives have lost much width of the blade, as I cook a LOT) and I try to sharpen them on a stone at least once a year.

My Man loves pocket knives, and has several sets of them. He had a beloved pocket knife taken away at the airport shortly after 9/11, when he had forgotten he had it in his jean pocket. He always carries a pocket knife (he says "It's a Man Thing.") and has lamented the loss of that knife for years and years.

We don't have any decorative knives, although my middle daughter, who loves Ren Faires etc has a scary looking decorative knife with a dragon it in and a perforated blade. My dad said, "That thing is evil." LOL!
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I don't mean to highjack the thread, but can anyone recommend a good wilderness/survival knife? I've been searching Amazon, but I get everything ranging from Bear Grylls (over priced thanks to branding) to an Iron Claw (not useful).
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