Laser hair removers to use in your home

Laser hair removers to use in your home

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Do you have any of them?

I am thinking about getting Rio x60 or Tria, and can hardly decide which would be better...

Rio has a big head to remove more hair, so it is less time consuming, whereas Tria has a very good site with all visible costumer service, with questions and answers, and if you give an unsatisfied comment they tell you how you could fix it, or if isn't specific they offer all the help they can give you...
So Tria looks to have a way more quality oriented attitude, which makes it very appealing to me... Though Tria has a very tiny head, looks like it would be a pain in the butt to use it...

Any experiences or advices?

Any bad experiences with Rio x60 you couldn't solve at all, no matter what?

Thank you very much for your comments...
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Iron Man Iron Man
I'm interested in this too. Gonna be watching this thread since I'm tired of hair.
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