Love it, let it go?

Love it, let it go?

Viktor Vysheslav Malkin Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
After finishing the book "The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend". Which in very short summary is, Raiders attack a village and kill everyone (I mean everyone) other than than the younger women. Among the women taken by the raiders, was Rowena, the newly wed, wife of Druss. Druss, who was out of the village and working as a woodsman missed the raid. Druss with the aid of a bounty hunter find and kill most of the raiders (with help of rampaging horses), only to find Rowena was not one of them. The raiders discover that Rowena has a gift to see the future, so the leader sets out to sell her in nearby city. Druss goes to the city but she was already sold to a merchant who takes her across the sea, later that merchant sells her. Rowena becomes sick because her talent has become to strong and have been over used and over powered her. Michanek purchased the dying Rowena and in order to cure her they have to shut off her talent. In doing so Rowena loses her memory.

7 years later, after traveling the world, and seeing many bloody battles Druss is at the gates of Michanek's city. Druss joined the enemy of Michanek. Druss finds out that Rowena has lost her memory and longer knows him.

Getting to the point of this poll. Druss is faced with several options. Let her go, negotiate her and Michanek safe passage out, or he could kill Michanek.

Later in the book, an old woman tells Druss that if he had loved her he would have let her be happy with Michanek.

Now, no one is going to be in a similar situation, but if you were in one, what would you do?

Since Firefox is a pain in the ass, you get three options, feel free to make your own choices.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Negotiate Rowena and Michanek safe passage out of the city, and allow them to live happily ever after.
Leave Rowena and Michanek to the army, do nothing.
1  (14%)
Invade with the army, confront Michanek, figure the rest out later.
6  (86%)
Total votes: 7
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Viktor Vysheslav Malkin Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
for more information on the book The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
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