Lyme Disease...have you ever had it?

Lyme Disease...have you ever had it?

LoveYouLikeThat LoveYouLikeThat
Has anyone in here ever had it? Was yours successfully treated?

My daughter first was diagnosed back in Sept 2010 (at 2 years old), when she developed the rash, and her blood test came back positive. We did 3 weeks on the antibiotic Ceftin (she's allergic to Amox).

This past weekend we noticed her limping, and on Sunday her knee was swollen like softball sized (and she's a little girl), so we went to the hospital, only to be sent by ambulance to Children's hospital, admitted, and to be told they believe it's Lyme Arthritis. They sent out her ELISA, Western Blot, and PCR to the Mayo clinic to find out for sure, but she had to have IV antibiotic and start an oral one when we were discharged. We couldnt get Ceftin in her (it was thick, gritty, and tasted like tuti fruity and mint. or in other words, flipping disgusting), so we are trying Doxycycline (even tho she's only 4 years old and really shouldnt be on it, but its our last shot before being admitted for 4 wks on an IV antibiotic)...

I just hope theres an end in site. They tried to tell me in the ER that she had gotten bit again by a tick. Lyme Arthritis doesnt come right off the bat, it takes months or years to develope. My daughter was first dx'd with Lyme 26 months ago.
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K101 K101
Oh my goodness. I'm so terribly sorry to hear this! You guys will be in my thoughts.

No, I've not had lyme, but a long time ago I came across a ladie's blog who was diagnosed with it. She was sharing her story as she continued the journey of dealing and trying to heal. Last I read was over a year ago and she hadn't updated in a while, but perhaps she has these days. Maybe you could find some kind of insight on that ladie's blog. It was a Blogger blog, but I have no idea the name or link, but it was strictly her Lyme journey, so I'm sure if you do a "Lyme Blogger" search it'll pull it up.

And have you looked into natural remedy treatment? I highly, highly recommend looking into the benefits of aloe vera for treatment. I've been eating aloe for over a year for some of my own health conditions with extreme benefits, and it's literally a healing plant for EVERYTHING, so it would not hurt to do some research on how it would benefit Lyme! If nothing else, at least research Ayurvedic remedies for Lyme. You will most likely find something, and it's always more beneficial than drugs. I know sometimes drugs are needed, and I'm not saying avoid them (I don't. I take RX drugs when needed) but it can't hurt to look into natural treatments to add in.

Best of luck to you and your baby.
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