Mainly for Those Paritcipating in the Review Program...

Mainly for Those Paritcipating in the Review Program...

Isadorabelle Isadorabelle
I looked under the 'Review Program' section, but nothing there seemed to be the appropriate place for this question. (If I missed something, I'll happily move the question.)

I've been doing reviews for a while, I had an amazing mentor who seems to be very successful here on Eden. As a student, I really like the Review Program not only for the obvious reasons, but also it is nice to be putting all those English classes to use!

My question is how many participants of the Review Program have branched out beyond edenfantasys? I would love to do this for other sites (not necessarily adult novelty sites, but in general), however I'm really not sure how to. For me, it would be extremely awkward to explain my experience at reviewing here on edenfantasys (I'm stuffy like that and like to compartmentalize things.)

Has anyone tried to do this? How did it go if you did? And, if you haven't, do you have any suggestions? As I said before, I'm a student and am grateful for the numerous ways that review programs like this one benefit me. I would love to find similar setups.
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tigerkate tigerkate
Well, -cough cough- I don't talk about competition for sex toy purchases on EF

But I will say, if you haven't, maybe you should consider creating a blog for sex toy reviews. I know a lot of people do that and love having their own little page that they can link Eden Reviews to.
And of course, ask your mentor for his/her opinions as well!
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
I have written a couple of book reviews on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It is actually usually easier to write reviews for them because not as much detail is needed, but it helps all around in helping with the summary section, as they are mostly freeform.
Jul!a Jul!a
I started a blog for product reviews in general. I'm horrible at upkeeping it, but a blog is a great way to try and branch out. You can start out by reviewing things you already have at home and use, and eventually contact companies to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring a review for you.
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