Make up!

Make up!

Papershotglass Papershotglass
Okay ladies and gents.

I have been on the hunt for a good vegan lipstick and I finally found it!
Morgana Cryptoria

I don't throw around this term lightly, but this has become my holy grail of indie lipsticks. While the lipsticks are down (the lady can only do so much running the place), just look at the lip balms! LOOK AT THEM.
They have all the color pay off of a lipstick and all the moisturizing benefits of a balm. And a lot of them are vegan! And all have pronounceable ingredients!

When you remember that the average woman eats about 7 lbs of lipstick in her life time, you might as well make it as natural as possible, right?

So what's your favorite make up lately?
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Jul!a Jul!a
Hmm, I've been enjoying the lip stuffs you gave me the other night. Otherwise my Mary Kay eyeliner and mineral powder, and my HIP pink stuff, and whatever the "for eyes that are brown" set I have is lol.
Ghost Ghost
I don't generally wear makeup..
ss143 ss143
OCC lip tars are fab and they are vegan those are awesome can wait to pick some up. Currently I am loving MAC Inglot and some other brands I grab at Sephora
GravyCakes GravyCakes
i love liquid liner. i like to do the cat eye look.
Papershotglass Papershotglass
Originally posted by GravyCakes
i love liquid liner. i like to do the cat eye look.
There are so many ways to do the cat eye look- it's awesome!

Michelle Phan recently did a mix of them too.
toxie m toxie m
All my favourite stuff is MAC. Any other eyeshadows don't even come close. I won't use any other cover-up or foundation, either. I can't afford to have ALL MAC stuff, but the stuff I do have is absolutely divine.
K101 K101
If you like that then you'd love Miessence's lip sticks and balms! Vegan and wonderful! I don't wear much lipstick, but I like a pink lip gloss. My make-up is usually mascara and sometimes eyeliner and blush and some type of sparkles on my eyelids or a bold turqoise or electric purple shadow. Love bold eyeshadows!
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