Need some advice.It's long sorry.

Need some advice.It's long sorry.

Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
I haven’t been with anyone in awhile so I was thinking about hiring a male prostitute.I just thought of it randomly but,then I started thinking about the idea more and more.You can see where this is headed.I went on a live webcam site because I wanted ideas on where to put the camera and how to dress that kind of thing because I wanted to make videos and maybe do a little camming.I thought one evening let me just see what’s going on in the straight males room.I looked and I saw this guy that was hot so I went in his room.He was in the beginning of setting up a meeting with a guy.He was just telling him how much it would cost for the day and to send him his contact information that kind of thing.I was shocked because usually they don’t do that kind of thing then I noticed he’s an escort in Nevada.

I ended up sending him a message.Pretty much asking to buy a video.Nothing out of the ordinary.We sent messages back and forth because I wanted to catch him online again and chat before we dived in because he mentioned us talking about it on there.Well,I finally catch him and he was so high pressured it was ridiculous.He was telling me to buy him things on his wishlist for what?For something that I didn’t even ask for.It seemed like over half the conversation was buy this buy that.Then when I didn’t buy it he tells me that I’m “all talk” because I didn’t buy him anything.I was shocked because the guy he was arranging a meeting with was clearly all talk but he didn’t say anything like that to him.I told him that what he was offering I didn’t want and he acted like he misunderstood even though I was specific in the email.I sent him a message the next morning telling him what I thought about him but I started back talking to him because I wanted what I wanted and that was it.To this day even though he said he made the video I still haven’t got it.I made a yahoo and found him online when I was horny.Bought him what he wanted after a wonderful c2c session.And started arranging in my head to meet him after learning more about how much he is willing to do and have been talking to him ever since.

Now here’s where the problem comes in.He’s now my ‘slave’ or going to be but he is so greedy.I got him a dress to wear and he has been pressuring me to get him some heels.I feel like if he wants heels he should buy them his damn self and he should already own a pair if he wants some that bad.And he wants a wig.The dress was kind of a joke but I wanted him to wear it.I wasn’t aware of the fact that he wanted a female wardrobe so much.Which is fine with me but,I’m not going to go out and buy some guy a whole new wardrobe with wigs and heels included.He doesn’t seem to realize that I need to take care of myself.And another problem other than him being greedy is there is some inconsistencies with him.One is he claims that he’s doing this to pay his way through college but,I’ve heard him on cam when he’s working and he’ll tell anyone to buy something on his wishlist,his wishlist doesn’t have one item on it needed for college.He acts like he’s so poor but really he doesn’t seem like he having problems paying for school or bills or anything.In the time that I have know him he has never really asked for money and I have never seen him once in private chat on the site I met him.The night we first talked three hours went by and he didn’t get anything.And there’s the fact that he says he in college but, (and I hate saying this about someone else because I’m not the best myself) his writing says otherwise.I’ve barely seen one sentence he has wrote that it seems like he’s at least trying.
Throughout this I have been still thinking about seeing him because there is so much that I want that he would do.In the past guys seem to think I’m not serious when I say what I want.I’ve never had a good sexual experience and it isn’t that hard to have one.And that reminds me of another negative annoying thing about him.He keeps acting like I want to go to sex clubs when I really don’t.The problem isn’t just that I don’t want to,the problem is that if that’s all we do when are we going to have sex in private.He expresses more of a need for this than I.He mention the other day when we were watching porn and I said something about fantasizing about a gangbang us going to the swingers club and having a gangbang.I’m not going to fuck a bunch of strangers like that and I’m not planning on being there forever.He acts like I’m going to move there.I want to be with this man because I can get some things I want and finally have fantasies fulfilled in my life.And I can’t really just go out and find someone who will do what I want because guys I’ve been with even makes the basics a horrible experience.So I feel like we are both greedy and selfish but at least I have been honest with him.What I’m wondering is should I meet him?
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Khanner Khanner
If you don't want to be his sugar mama, don't be. He's in it for the money, you won't hurt his feelings because he's not interested in your needs.
js250 js250
You are getting seriously conned. There are many sites where you can meet someone--not a dating site--and it does not cost anything. You click on, log in, go to the chat, cam2cam a few times, friend the person, email and then you can meet up when you want--or not.

WHY are you paying for this guys bills(when you cam), sexual gratifications and buying him personal items??? You do not need to do this--an escort would be cheaper. Search personal ads for escort services and get a male prostitute for your needs--do not get emotionally involved--they aren't. You are just a paycheck to this guy. They do not have to get the items on the wishlist, but can grab the cash, there are many sites arranged in that manner.

A student?? Maybe--but he makes a living as a cam model and prostitute/escort. At $150+ per hour--he is making a damn good living, and that does not count the camming.

Hugs--I am not judging or in any way angry at you or your choices. I am mad that this guy is scamming you!! And pretending to be so poor while he keeps asking you to buy his stuff--if he was a woman and you had a male friend in this position, what would you tell him???

Message me if you want to talk or need some advice--I am here for you!!!
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