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Errant Venture Errant Venture
Okay, a few weeks ago I did a blog in which I discussed what the words 'kinky', 'vanilla' and 'neapolitan' meant.

I eventually came to the conclusion that 'kinky' is just about BDSM style sex and swinging(even though I rallied profusely for it to mean so much more than just that, sadly this is its best known definition). Yes, I know you all know this, but it helps to reiterate my point.

'Vanilla' means straight up, 'normal' sex.

And 'neapolitan' is a combination of the two.

I theorised that kinky, by these definitions, are false. Because, as I'm sure is evidenced by you, my fellow members, there's a whole world of sex beyond vanilla, and not quite kinkiness as I've described it here.

Looking through various urban and sex dictionaries, there's not really a word that describes such a person (Yes, I'm aware people don't really like labels, but labels are handy when used as a short-hand), so I wanted to ask you what word you use to describe yourself, if you don't fit into these categories? Or, what word do you feel should be used for this label?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I've never heard Neapolitan applied to sex/lifestyle. I'm.. open minded. -shrugs-
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