On To A Normal Topic.....Reducing The Drama In Your Daily Life.

Contributor: js250 js250
A few months ago, I was a prime candidate for a heart attack. Even with low blood pressure, healthy eating and exercise habits and a low cholesterol level. Why the heart attack? Due to the drama I had allowed into my life.

Drama causes stress, the people involved with he drama causes stress when you come into contact with them and the elevated stress levels due to the happenings around you can cause a premature heart condition.

Since finding all this out, I have alleviated the drama in my life. I do not deal with the self-important, overly dramatic, life needy people that looked to me to smooth their life out for them. I ignored the life and death (???) situations and guess what? They were worked out very well by the ones in them, once they realized they had to actually do some work to smooth out their own lives! And now...I am calmer, happier and more in control over my own life that I ever have been.

What have you done to reduce the drama in your life?
Why did you feel the need to reduce the drama?
Is it working?
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Contributor: KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I've honestly cut negative people out of my life. I have heart problems and am always at risk for serious complications.

In order to keep myself calm on a regular basis, I do yoga and write. It really helps keep me steady.

I used to have panic attacks and took medication for it. I feel better without the medication though.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've actually never allowed excess drama to enter my life. I'm naturally very calm - and this seems to rub off on those around me - maybe they sense I'm not going to go along with the drama, so they pass me by. Who knows for sure - I just stay calm and the ones around me tend to do the same.