Open Discussion on outer space/travel/the universe etc

Open Discussion on outer space/travel/the universe etc

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Okay, so I know this is probably going to bore a lot of people and may even see few responses but I am going to talk about it any way.

So, all my life like many humans I have always looked up and wondered things about life, space, other worlds etc. For many people, it's just a random thought here and there. Over the years I have become more interested in those types of things, I am a huge sci-fi fan of tv shows/movies. But I also respect and love the science and facts that are available to us currently.

All in all, this is just an open discussion on Outer Space and a general topic. Looking to read other peoples thoughts and interests on space travel, planets, our existence, other beings, colonization of other bodies in space (for example plans are set in motion to have a Moon colony by 2020 and for a mission to Mars to have humans land and walk there, mission plan that is do-able at the very least from what I understand).

Do you think as a race that we should colonize other worlds? Planets? Moons? Do you think we are ready? Or do you think we are just too young and already screwing up our own planet and treating it like crap without respect to even think of colonizing other worlds?

While I don't know the quote word for word, Stephen Hawking put it like this, as a species/race, we should and need to colonize other worlds to increase the survival of our race as a hole. If we stay on one planet (Earth) we increase our risks of becoming just another extinct race.

All in all, I am completely fascinated with the Universe as a whole. There is so much more than just us out there, and even 500 years from now we will have only scratched the tiniest part of the surface. There are times I wish I could live for that long and longer to witness these types of things. But obviously that wouldn't work out now would it.

So these are just some of the things that I think about from time to time (not that often), I suppose it doesn't help watching tv shows and documentaries on these types of things. I really hope some of you take the time to discuss this
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I often have the same thoughts. I would love to stay alive for much longer, to see how much technology advances, and how, if we do, we'll explore space further. Now, it's highly doubtful that we'll live 500 years, but scientists do predict that, thanks to advances in medicine and medical technology, as well as theorised upcoming advances, the first human to live to be 150 has already been born. So it's possible that we will be able to live at least a little bit longer to see us humans explore space further.
Chirple Chirple
I suppose we have to start somewhere and it will undoubtedly be embarrassingly crude.

The idea of a lunar colony strikes me as such a venture as when humans tried to find the east by going west. It happened eventually, but a lot of things didn't go as planned and a lot of people died.

Perhaps we have a small advantage, but the idea of our technology sustaining a lunar colony seems like something that will be viewed as quaint by generations to come - if we last that long.
Rossie Rossie
I'll leave the colonization thinking to the future generations, watching sci-fi stuff didn't help my imagination soar. And unless scientists invent something that keeps me young and healthy, I don't want to live past 80, it's horrible to be alive and can't do much in an old shell!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
The prospect of colonization would actually help weed out the destructive tendencies of our race ... at least for a while ... as impulsive types, opportunists, and idiots would doom an entire pioneering party, so the screening process would be more strict in who is allowed to pioneer. There is no room for error in space - all resources are finite (air, water, food, personal space, fuel). It's no longer going out into nowhere and finding resources along the way, we have to take everything with us.

But the urge to explore ... that will affect those sincere enough to live with those limitations.

The current problem I see with any type of space exploration now (besides the technology) is that a lot of the funding and control is done through governments, and political agendas are usually at the heart of any project (ie: America First on the Moon!). Which means any project can be short-changed in technological funding, favoritism in crew selection, and agendas of exploitation. Exploration for the sake of science and potential colonization is a utopian expectation that will - unfortunately - never happen because the people with the money will always dictate what they want out of it (ie: investment should equal profit and/or claim of property).

I know I could never do it myself, even if my lifespan could be increased. I get motion sick too easily. There's a reason the plane used to train astronauts for low/no-gravity is called The Vomit Comet. So, I'll have to satisfy myself with reading Heinlein's pulp era works about space travel and pioneering.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Originally posted by Chilipepper
The prospect of colonization would actually help weed out the destructive tendencies of our race ... at least for a while ... as impulsive types, opportunists, and idiots would doom an entire pioneering party, so the screening process would be more ...
Oh how true much of this is! Especially on the money costs etc. I know there are a lot of independent groups that fund their own smaller programs. But these are more around the lines of pioneering new craft/technologies to be used with NASA.

On the topic of "sex in space" one group had plans (possibly already constructed, cant remember) what they called "Snuggle Tunnel" I think. Inflatable tunnel with Velcro straps etc. There's also the "Love Tunnel" lol.

Moving on, I know for years they have already been training for Mars missions, also one group has been living off the grid if you will? Testing long term space living. They set up an environment that would be near identical to Mars, under no circumstances they cannot talk to anyone on the outside world, no luxuries, live in a tiny crammed space. Also ALWAYS be in their space suits when outside etc. It's a long term test to examine human behavior in isolation. Of course, these people realize deep down inside that they are still on Earth and doing the test. So nothing will be certain until people actually go to Mars.

For the most part, from what I have learned NASA could easily get to Mars but there are problems such as the length of time it will take to get there. At the best case scenario it will take at least 130 days to get to Mars. However, this depends on Orbit, velocity etc. Mars's closest approach to Earth every 1.6 years is about 260 days of travel (give or take a few days), again depending on velocity etc. Problem is being in space for that length of time, cut off, no gravity etc. Plus there are health problems. On average, every 1 month in space will result in 1%-2% bone loss. Doesn't sound like much but it really is.

In any case, I hope I am alive long enough to see these types of events such as the first Astronaut on Mars
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
In 1 second our Sun will put out more energy than Humans have in their whole entire existence so far.
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